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The Legend Of Tetra

By Dragon Warrior
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Chapter 2: Escape!

*Chapter 2 redone!*

Tetra stood there looking helplessly pain tearing her heart in two. She wanted to cry but nothing. She just tuned out of the world for all she heard was that cackling…that cackling…evil and cold. She slumped to the floor in despair. The tears came now and the world came back to life.

She could hear screams of sorrow and despair. Cries for help. It was sickening. Tetra looked at her father who stood looking at that mist, the mist that took the man she loved. His eyes were widened, for the first time she had ever seen, in fear.

“Father?” Tetra asked worriedly.

“You have to go! I have to get you out of here!” he said pulling himself together. He began to walk to her when a booming voice filled the air.

“I know you’re here Hero of Time! I will find you and your family! I will finish what was started all those years ago!!” The voice was harsh and bitter like a hatred had been boiling in it for many a year.

“Not if I can help…” growled my father. “You got a sword and shield I can use kiddo?”

She nodded. She had placed a Hylian Shield and an old sword on her wall for decoration. At the time her mother had nagged at her to take them down but now they seemed to prove their worth being here. Tetra yanked them of the wall and gave them to my father.

“Thanks.” He said swiftly taking them from her. He ran to the balcony and leapt of it. She followed. She looked out of the balcony to find my father land on his feet with brute force. He pulled out the sword and shield and took a fighting pose.

“Ganon show yourself!”

The mist swirled around him like a snake coiling around its victim, but he never flinched, just merely ignored it. With this, the mist disappeared and it formed to create a man, a very bulky man. His eyes glowed red with bloodlust and his hair shone with a bright red. He wore black armour with gerudo patterns over it. He had a jewel centred at the middle of his head showing he was indeed a gerudo. She managed to glimpse at his right hand. It shone red as a triforce appeared on it. A fragment glowed red.

“Look at this. You have finally grown up. Not that little boy I faced against!” Ganon taunted.

“I don’t care. How did you escape?” shouted Link in anger.

“Come now! Let’s not spoil the fun!” said Ganon slyly producing two swords from nowhere.

Ganon leapt at Link with amazing speed. Link leapt to the side and let out a mighty battle cry. He powered his magic to his sword as it glowed with a red light. He spun his sword fiercely and shouted “Hiita Flamberge!” Hot flames hit Ganon but didn’t seem to do much damage. He smirked.

“Is that all ya got Hero?” taunted Ganon.

Link crinched and powered more magic into the sword causing it to glow with a faint blue. He held it towards Ganon and shouted “Eria Hydra!” The sword produced a Tsunami of water as it struck Ganon with its fierce might. It blasted him of his feet and Tetra couldn’t help but shout happily. But that soon quietened as Ganon stood up brushing himself down. Link’s eyes widened.

“I really expected more Hero and now it’s my turn.”

Link turned around at Tetra and looked into her eyes. Concern filled them as well as love.

“TETRA! RUN NOW!! GO TO THE TEMPLE OF LIGHT!” he screamed. She nodded her head but soon screamed as Ganon shot a black energy blast at him. He smiled one last time as it hit him. His eyes closed and he fell slowly to the ground in defeat.

“FATHER!” She screamed. “FATHER! GET UP! GET UP!” Ganon laughed as he went over to Link and lifted him. He then turned his attention to the castle and made his move. “Your next little girl!”

Tetra froze. Her own father was defeated. She cried softly and lifted her satchel from her waist. She opened it and pulled from it the blue ocarina. She placed it on her lips and played a small song. She had to escape as her father instructed. The song finished and a small passage appeared beside her bed. Before she left she lifted a rupee sack and a few potions. She also took the small crystal lying on the shelf and hurried to the passage.

An ear splitting scream filled the room. Her mother had now fallen. Cries of pain filled the castle. She tried to ignore but she couldn’t. Tetra stared silently as she left her room behind. Tetra played that song again and the passage closed.

“Light…” Tetra whispered concentrating magic to her hands. A bright white light appeared around her hands lighting up the passage. She had only used these once to explore but never came back after she had heard the stories of this place. Tetra gulped hard and walked.

The passage droned on and on but still it seemed endless. Her feet grew tired and soon she was hoping to reach the end. Soon she saw it. The yellow light of a room. Tetra rushed towards it and entered. It was a huge room with many jars scattered around it. In the middle hung a very small cage with a blue light in it. She chose to ignore it and continued through the room trying to reach the door.

“Help please…help…” came a weak voice. It was small to pin but Tetra was willing to bet that the voice was coming from the cage. She approached cautiously and looked in the cage. There sat a tiny blue fairy with long flowing blue hair. She wore a long dress that fell to her ankles. She was decorated to look like she wore two dresses. She also had tiny shoes on and attached to her waist, and this surprised Tetra, a small sword.

The fairy caught Tetra looking at her and looked at her with clear silver eyes. She blinked and cocked her head slightly.

“Are you…Kokiri?” she asked, her voice was small but it had a small squeal to it.

“No I’m afraid not. How can I blast these cage bars?”

“Oh…you can’t I’ve tried. You’ll need to pick the lock.” Tetra nodded and pulled out a pin from her satchel and began fiddling with the lock. “Well if you’re not Kokiri then who are you?”

“My names Tetra…what’s your name?” She asked concentrating on the lock.

“Tetra, please to meet you. I am Navi, a guardian fairy of the Great Deku Tree. I’m still confused…why do you wear Kokiri clothes if you are not of the Kokiri?” Navi cocked her head again, taking in Tetra’s green clothes.

Tetra wasn’t listening due to the fact the fairy told her her name. Navi. It sounded so familiar. Tetra thought whilst she picked the lock when it hit her. NAVI! That fairy her father had always talked about. His best friend. She smiled gently for the first time as the lock clicked open.

“Well that was fun! Now stranger please answer my question!” said Navi floating out from the cage and stretching.

“I wear Kokiri clothes but I am not a Kokiri. “ Tetra knew from her eyes that she could trust her so she took a deep and breath. “My name is Princess Tetra, heiress of the throne of Hyrule. My mother had married my father who is known as the Hero of Time.”

Navi smiled and flew to me, landing on her nose. She looked into Tetra’s eyes and surveyed closely. She noticed a small chain Tetra wore and looked at that also. Absent-mindedly Tetra lifted the small chain out of her shirt. It was a locket my mother had given me. It was a beautifully sculpted figurine meant to represent the goddess, Farore seeing that she was the Goddess of Courage. Link had once said that it held powers but the only thing she noticed is that it held the family picture and it could change to the other goddesses if she focused magic into it.

“Hm, I’ve seen this before but where?” asked the small fairy opening the locket.

Tetra smiled and turned to walk away. She looked at the fairy with sadness in her heart. She could feel warm tears running down her cheeks as she stared at the picture.

“Why do you cry?” asked Navi curiously.

“It’s just…Ganon returned and he has captured mother and father. It pains me to look at this picture.”

“I’m so sorry Tetra. I didn’t know. If I could help then I would.” Navi flew from the locket and her light turned white. “Oh no!”

“What!? What does your glow mean?”

“Danger.” Whispered Navi.

The laughter I had heard previously echoed through this small chamber. Tetra pulled my sword and shield in readiness, then in front of her appeared that man. The man that had taken down her father so easily. She growled as his figure grew clearer.

Laughter, evil laughter filled the room. He spoke in an eerie voice.

“Heh heh you think you could escape me! Well you can’t as long as you hold your shard of the triforce I will always find you! Like I did here with your father.” He clicked his fingers, to reveal Link struggling against two heavy guards. He looked exhausted as though he had gone on a long journey without rest.

Her eyes widened as she saw him. “Father…” He looked up at her with sadness. He cast a look at Ganondorf, as though in thought. He turned once more at Tetra and shouted, “Find the keeper of Shadows! She’ll aid you to the next step!” He couldn’t say anymore as a guard brutally punched him in the stomach.

Ganondorf laughed and clicked his fingers again. Link disappeared with the guards leaving Tetra standing with this deranged man. She let out a cry and leapt for him but to what success? She went straight through him to find he was only an illusion.

“I have no time for this. Did you know little girl that if I kill you your shards return to your parents. I’ll finally get the triforce and bring my world of darkness.” He pointed upwards and clicked his fingers again. A giant monster fell from the ceiling. He faded away leaving these words. “Armagom destroy her!”

Tetra faced up to the monster. It was a huge spider creature with eight hairy legs. It bore fangs dripping with poison and eight grotesque eyes on its head. It had a pattern on its back much like that of armour. It store at Tetra before letting out a battle cry. It lunged for Tetra but she was too fast. She ran behind its back dodging attacks.

“Navi help! I don’t know its weakness!” shouted Tetra desperately.

Navi flitted to underneath the spider and glowed yellow. “Here hit here! It’s a soft underbelly!” she squealed.

Tetra took her opportunity after the next attack. She rolled under the spider and thrusted her sword upwards into the spiders stomach. Warm green blood flowed from the wound onto Tetra which was just plain disgusting! She winced as she removed the sword. Armagom let out a cry and took a swipe at Tetra. This time she couldn’t dodge as it slashed her skin ripping open a wound.

She screamed in pain and clutched her side. It, taken its chance, shot web from its rear end catching her off guard. She was flung backwards into the wall stuck to it by the web. She looked up in desperation as she struggled against the web.

“Agh!" I’m stuck!”

Armagom drew closer and closer to Tetra hunger in its eyes. She tried pulling from the web but that only worsened things. She then suddenly remembered something her father had once said.

“A good swordsman doesn’t always jump head first into fights but rather waits for his opponent to attack then strike!”

She gripped her sword and waited until the spider was directly above her head.

“NOW!!” she screamed throwing the sword upwards into its head. It let out a defeated screech as it fell to the floor in defeat. Its body wore away into nothing as a huge heart shaped container took its place. The web disappeared as she slumped to the floor.

“You did it! You did it!” Navi squealed happily.

“Ha ha I need…to get medical assistance. This wound’s deep.” Gasped Tetra exhausted from battle.

“You don’t need it! See that heart container; a monster like that always leaves one behind. It’ll heal all your wounds in no time but the gunk you’re covered in nu-uh!”

Tetra nodded and got to her feet shaking slightly. She walked to the heart container and placed her hand on it. It disappeared as its energy filled her. She felt the wound close up and the blood drying up. She looked down to see a fine white scar. She let out a breath of relief.

“That was not fun! Now I need a good bath!” she said as she wiped blood from her head.

She headed to the door and made to leave. She turned around to see Navi staying in midair looking at her cage. “Oi are ya coming with me Navi?” She looked at Tetra and nodded. She flew to her side and sat on her shoulder. “Welcome to the team. Please keep all arms, legs and wings on me at all times!” joked Tetra. They laughed together as they walked through the rest of the dungeon.

Tetra stopped near the end to see a treasure chest. She bent down and opened it curiously. She pulled out a small crystal with a green light within it. “Another one? What are these?” She said pulling out her own crystal housing a small red flame. Navi looked at them before giving an answer.

“These are some of the goddesses’ essences. I won’t reveal the spells. They’re for you to discover.”

Tetra nodded and placed both crystals I her bag. She stepped out into the light to see the Temple of Time. Light filled the room through stained glass windows. She walked from the passage as it closed again. She walked to the small pedestal looking at the Ancient Hylian tongue: YE WHO OWNS 3 SPIRITUAL STONES STAND WITH THE OCARINA OF TIME AND PLAY THE SONG OF TIME.

“This could be a problem…” said Tetra. She didn’t have the spiritual stones. How was she going to get to the inner temple, to safety as her father had said?

*If you noticed the attacks Link used I thought well he never had any magical sword moves except a spin attack so I gave him these two and there are 4 more which he taught to Tetra. To be revealed soon hopefully. If your a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh! I sorta borrowed these from the charmer cards. Hopefully soon all my rework will be done and I'll continue my stories. I'll do some work during my study leave!

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Koroks Rock says:

I suggest that you avoid the over-the-top characterizations and setups in favor of subtler descriptions and events- while these are not as attractive initially, they can be much, much more fulfilling to both the audience and the writer. Do your best to build up steam at a controlled pace, and focus on actually making your characters grow and develope.

Dragon Warrior says:

I'm trying. I've never really done a Zelda fic so it's really hard. I've noticed I can't get the bbCode to work could you help?

Koroks Rock says:

just be sure to put everything in brackets [ ] and be sure to close all your tags with [/ ]

ganon rulez says:

thats wuite kool!i knew i should read more... brill l;happy.gif

Chaltab says:

There were several gramatical mistakes in this chapter; it might benefit you to get a beta reader if you don't have one. Others can be good at catching mistakes that you are prone to missing.

Something about the pacing of this chapter feels off... I think you're trying to do too much too quickly. Anyway, the story here is definitely interesting, just rough around the edges.