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The Legend Of Tetra

By Dragon Warrior
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Chapter 3: The Hero of Destiny?

*Chapter 3 redone!*

“This is so bad! I don’t have the spiritual stones! What am I gonna do?” worried Tetra pacing the room. Navi was flitting around where the door to the inner sanctum would usually lie. Her head was low in foot and was glowing a very faint blue light.

High above in the rafters unknown to Tetra and Navi were two people hidden in the shadows. They both surveyed with blood red eyes as Tetra kicked the pedestal angrily only to regret it deeply.

“Agh! Now I have a broken toe! Stupid pedestal!” she moaned sitting to rub her toe.

The two shadow people looked at each other in question. One nodded and the other responded. They both leapt down to the floor with the speed of a ninja. Tetra looked up from her damaged foot to see the intruders. She went for her sword when she recognised one of them.

“Auntie Impa?” she asked.

The taller of the two stepped forward to reveal a young woman. Her bright sliver hair was tied back tightly in a bun revealing her beautiful face. Her eyes had pink markings under them which also shone with happiness. She also wore sliver armour over her torso with a big red eye bearing a single tear. She smiled warmly as she grabbed Tetra in tight hug.

“Okay your breaking my back!” Tetra said as her eyes began to pop from their sockets.

“Well they can’t be that bad. Darunia’s on the other hand will break your back!” she said. They both laughed happily as Tetra hugged Impa again.

“Ehem…” came a low voice. Tetra and Impa both faced the other person in surprise. The person stepped forward to reveal a young man no older than Tetra herself. He wore a blue suit with bandages covering it. He wore a ripped shirt also bearing the tear drop eye. He had burning eyes filled with hatred but his face was mystery. Half of his face was covered with short blond hair and his collar was brought high to his nose. Truly he was a mystery to Tetra.

“Who are you?” asked Tetra.

“I am Sheik. I serve as a spy in Ganon’s ranks.” He said curtly nodding his head. “But you know me as someone else, Tetra.” He began to unravel the bandages on his head.

“How do you know my name?” asked Tetra. “And are you a spy…for…” Her voice ebbed away as Sheik face was revealed. “Us?” Sheik’s eyes remained red but long blonde hair fell to his waist and he pulled down his collar to reveal, “Mother?” Tetra flew in her mother’s embrace and hugged her mother tightly. “I thought Ganondorf had captured you!”

Princess Zelda knelt down to Tetra’s level and placed her hand on Tetra’s cheek. Her eyes levelled with Tetra’s. “Now listen Tetra and listen well. I can only be referred to as Sheik now. I may be the Princess of this country but Ganon has stripped me of my title. I am but a merely spy that has to serve him.” She looked away the hatred now boiling in her eyes.

“So are you another enemy I have to be wary of?”

“NO! Never think that, I’ll never be Ganon’s underling! I serve as a spy but I feed false info. I am but a spy for us.” Zelda replied angrily.

“Why?! Why though do you serve this man who has captured daddy?! Why mom!?” screamed Tetra, straying from her mother’s proper title.

“For that very reason! If I do not serve he’ll kill Link! I can’t allow that for he’ll get Link’s life and his shard of the triforce!” shouted Zelda now on her feet.

Tetra hung her head in shame. Why? Everything was changing! She began to cry as she thought of how her father was captured.

“Tetra, don’t cry. I promise I won’t let Ganon take either of your lifes! I’ll make a blood vow.” Zelda pulled out a knife and pressed it against her hand. In a swift movement she slashed her hand. Blood trickled onto the floor as Zelda put the knife down. “I promise here and now to protect you with my life.” Blood stopped as she wrapped a bandage around her hand.


Zelda smiled as she put her guise back on. Impa faced Tetra and held out three stones. Tetra looked at them when words popped into her head, “Find the keeper of Shadows! She’ll aid you to the next step!. Tetra took them and smiled. She walked to the pedestal and placed them in the small grooves. She pulled out the small ocarina in her bag and thought of the song.

Slowly she placed the ocarina on her lips. She played the notes slowly like the flows of time. After the final note played a triforce on the wall began to glow a golden light. A passage melted from the wall to reveal an inner sanctum. Tetra made to go for it when she heard a growling from behind her.

The skeletal warriors she had seen before were pouring through the ancient temple. Impa and Sheik readied their weapons; Impa with her respectful katana and Sheik with many daggers. They gave each other a nod and they leapt into battle. They fiercely fought off the monsters as Tetra stood petrified to the spot. Should she help or should she run for safety?

Out of nowhere a sword came crashing down where she stood. Reality flew forward as Tetra saw what stood before. This thing, made of bones rotting and decaying stood barely inches from her face. She readied her sword when she noticed the sword that the warrior wore. It was a small sword in a blue scabbard. It had but a single sign on it that told her everything. The Gorons Ruby was embossed on the scabbard and only one soldier she knew held such a sword.

“Reid?” she whispered

The warrior, showing no recognition with the name, leapt again to attack. She pulled out her shield and held in defence not wanting to hurt him. Over and over it attacked knocking Tetra backwards until she tripped over steps. She backed up against them as she pleaded to him.

“Reid please…don’t…d-don’t…” she pleaded hoping to get through to him. It lifted it’s sword to strike and all she could do was cover her eyes, waiting the strike.

As though from nowhere a light shone onto the warrior. It stepped back screeching at the new found light. Tetra uncovered her eyes to see where the light was coming from. In front of her face was Navi, the little fairy with a bright light. Her light shone a bright blue scaring off the warrior.

“Quick Tetra! Pull the sword! I’ll follow in a minute!” shouted Navi shining more brightly.

Tetra nodded and went for the sword. Navi fell to the ground her light distinguishing. She crawled to Tetra’s feet as Tetra pulled the sword. Blue light filled the room as she lifted the sword from the pedestal like a knife from butter. Darkness overcame Tetra as her world disappeared around her.

“Hero wake up.” A deep old voice came.

Her eyes fluttered open as the world came back to her. She sat bolt upright and looked to see where the warrior was. All she saw was a blue light, amongst many high platforms. She surveyed the one on which she sat seeing smaller pedestals around her. Each one was an individual colour; orange, purple, blue, red, green. She faced the last one, yellow, to see robes. She looked up to see an elderly man standing in front of her. For a moment she thought it was her Papa Hyrule, but on closer inspection she saw it was a completely different man all together.

She stood up to face him properly. She stared into his grey eyes looking for answers.

“You must be confusing me with someone else. I’m no hero.” She said sadly.

“Actually you are a hero, one of the greatest to be born.” He said in his deep wizened voice.



“My father is the greatest hero to walk this fair land! I’ll never live up to his standard. I walk in his shadow. I always will.” She said turning away, holding her arms in disappointment.

“Yes indeed the Hero of Time is a powerful warrior but his daughter the Hero of Destiny shall exceed him.”

“Hold on…Hero of Destiny?” she now turned to face him great curiosity spreading her face.

“Yes you were born from two powerful hylians. A great swordsmaster and a powerful sorceress. You are the Hero of Destiny. It is by your hand that you will seal away evil were ever you land. You task in this land however is to return the master sword’s seal and to lock Ganon away for good!”

Tetra sat down trying to take everything in. She took of her cap and ruffled her hair. She stopped half way when she noticed something weird. She brought a lock of hair to her eyes to survey the length. It was shorter than what it had been when she first pulled the sword. Her eyes widened as she faced the man.

“My hair!? What’s happened here?”

“Ah maybe I should have mentioned but your basically living an event your father went through before when he was your age. You were too young to handle the task of reviving the master sword, so your spirit was locked away for seven years whilst your body aged. I have been looking after you since then.”

“SEVEN YEARS!? YOUR KIDDING!? WHAT’S HAPPENED TO HYRULE? MY MOTHER, MY FATHER?” she bellowed in his face. No this couldn’t be happening. Wait a minute she thought. “Hold on you never answered my why is my hair short?”

“W-well the thing is that your identity has to be hidden in this time so um you have to pose as a boy in the future.”

Tetra frowned. Great just great she missed seven years of her life, she was a boy(for now) and she hadn’t even been kissed by a boy! Everything was just great in the world.

“If you pardon my ignorance but who the hell are you?”

“Why I am the Light Sage, Rauru but sadly my time in this realm is slowly slipping. A new sage will be selected, and by none other than yourself.”

“Okay Rauru what do you mean?”

“That box your father gave holds the answer.”

Okay she had enough. She chose to look down at her hands to see she still gripped the master sword. She held it to her eyes to survey it. It truly was beautiful, the craftsmanship. She let out a long sigh when she noticed something else which was strange. Where was Navi?

As though reading her mind Rauru answered her question.

“I’m afraid Navi used lot of her light to help you. She’s barely alive even as we speak.” He held out the tiny fairy to see that she was breathing very heavily. Tetra held her hands out to take the tiny fairy. “You need to take her back to her home. There she’ll be brought back to life by the Deku Tree. The bad thing is that she has to give up memories of her past to be brought back. This is the curse of a fairy’s life.”

Tetra nodded and placed the small fairy into her cap.

“Now Hero of Destiny, you’ll be put through three tests according to the Goddesses wishes: one for courage, one for power, and one for wisdom. Pass these and you are worthy to go on the perilous quest of rejuvenating the Master Sword. Do you agree to this?”

“I do.”

“Then return to your time. There you’ll be instructed by the other sages on you task.”

She nodded as light filled the room. She was being lifted of her feet as the blue realm disappeared around her. She was back to her time, the way it was before she had been swallowed by the light. Swords clanged as she turned to face the battle. She held her own sword high.

“I’ll do it. I promise.”

Comments on this chapter

Koroks Rock says:

Operor tu narro lingua Romanorum?
I speak really, really bad latin. Its good stuff when looking for an unusual name or phrase.

Dragon Warrior says:


Thanks. I've always liked Latin so these were good names!

ganon rulez says:

hypnotised:erm...great chapter it couldve been better!
back to normal: PLEASE POST ANOTHER CHAPTER soon the storyline=great the scenes=great and everything about it is great even tho some things i dont like thers no such thing as a great starter fanfic!

Chaltab says:

Okay, a few words of critique here. You've been dropping a lot of commas, and while this may work in colloquial Scottish English, it's not good for proper written English.

Two, this scene:


A stalfos guarded the entrance.

“What is that?” asked Tetra.

Navi peeked out of the cap.

“It's a stalfos. They were soldiers who have been corrupted by evil forces. They could be…”

You called the thing a Stalfos before Tetra even learned what a Stalfos was. This doesn't make any sense. She should see something that her mind identifies as a walking skeleton. Then she asks Navi what it is, and Navi identifies it. After this, you can call it a Stalfos in the text. Remember which character POV you are working with, and whether the narrarator only knows what she knows, or is omniscient. Third person omniscient isn't very effective in action stories.

And finally, the whole "Tetra magically kisses Stalfos Reid to turn him human again" is a complete Mary Sue trait, and goes against logic. I think it woud have been more dramatic to have her spare him and later fix him with the Song of Healing after she leanrs it. Then not only would she get him back, but she'd also get a nifty transformation mask.