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The Legend Of Tetra

By Dragon Warrior
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Chapter 4: The Mystery of the Ocarina

*Chapter 4 reworked*

Tetra turned to face the battle going on in the temple. There was the warrior that had tried to kill her before. She pulled out her shield and prepared to attack.

“Heh heh I see you can fight little girl!” goaded the warrior blocking her sword blows.

She chose to ignore and hit him over the head with her shield. She would try one more time to bring Reid back or she would have to destroy him. He stumbled as the shield hit his head. She leapt onto his chest and pinned him to the ground. It growled angrily as she pulled out her ocarina. She pressed it to her lips and began to play that song.

The Song of Healing.

The Reid-warrior stopped struggling as the notes echoed through the room. The metal clangs of swords ceased as the song echoed of the wall. Tetra seeing the effect put more heart and soul into the song as she played.

Reid thought long and hard as memories came back. Him and Tetra climbing trees, sitting in moonlight making silly faces. Him becoming a soldier. His feelings for Tetra. When she introduced her new song to him.

<i> “Hey I learned a new song today for my harp and my ocarina!”

“Oh! What’s it called?” asked Reid excitedly.

“The Song of Healing. My daddy taught it to me this morning. Wanna hear?”


Tetra brought her harp up to her and she gently began to pluck at the small strings. She began a little rusty but soon she got the tunes right. She played happily and let the notes carry on the breeze. The music was soft and soothing and relieved her of all her troubles. She stopped with a graceful finish and lowered the harp.


“That was amazing! What does it do?”

“Funny you should ask. When played to a trouble soul the song is said to release those troubled and left behind is a mask containing mysterious power.”</i>

“T…et…ra?” he said as the song finished. He stood up as a mask fell to the ground, that of the skeletal warrior. He looked at his hands and he felt his head. “Skin? Hair? I’m not that monster anymore. What happened?”

Tetra walked to the mask and picked it up. She could feel the evil, the malice. She put it in her satchel for now. Tetra turned to face Reid. That was the man she loved. He looked at her and instantly saw in her eyes. Love. Finally was all he could of. He pulled her into him and slowly they kissed. She smiled and pulled him in.

Behind them many soldiers were standing were the skeletal warriors stood. They looked slightly confused and were looking at Reid and Tetra curiously. Impa and Sheik had lowered their weapons at what had just happened.

“What just happened to the stalfos?” asked Impa. Sheik indicated behind. Impa turned to see the two kissing and quickly turned around again.

“Well I see that they were close. Did you know Sheik?” smiled Impa.

Sheik nodded. “They have been friends since they were children. Over time a true friendship can develop deep feelings. Look at myself and Link. We were friends before and now we are husband and wife. Let’s just pray that the two of them can have time to share.” She turned to walk away. “Tell Tetra I’ll watch over her always.” With those words Sheik disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Tetra removed herself from his lips and smiled for real. Her smile brought warmth to his heart. He took her hand and they walked to meet the other soldiers. They saluted as she approached but she shook them off.

“Now listen soldiers, travel to Kakariko Village. It will act as a safe haven until the hero returns.” They nodded and began to leave the temple leaving only herself, Impa and Reid. Tetra looked at Impa. “Auntie Impa, I need to go to Kokiri forest. Navi is dying. Could you go ahead to let the Deku Tree know I’m coming?”

“Why of course, but may I ask? Where are you going beforehand?”

“To Lon-Lon Ranch. Father wanted me to deliver something and plus I want to pick up Philippe.”

Impa nodded as she like Sheik disappeared in a puff of smoke. Tetra took a deep breath and faced Reid. What was she going to do with him? Would he go with the other soldiers or would he want to go with her? She sort of already knew the answer when she asked.

“Reid? What do you want to do? Do you wish to return to Kakariko Village or do you…you know…come with me?” she asked twirling her foot.

He smiled as he spoke. “Well I coming with you of course. I want to help bring down that man!” He hugged her tightly.

“Okay! Em but you need to get some armour. It’s gonna get dangerous!”

“I don’t care! Now c’mon before he sends more warriors.” Said Reid grabbing Tetra’s wrist and pulling her through the large entrance of the temple.

Together they ran through the streets of old. Her eyes surveyed what was around her. The streets where barren dusty as though abandoned for a long time. She sighed deeply. She had to save her home and fast!

Soon they were outside Reid’s home with Reid leaving her outside whilst he grabbed his things.


“So she is still alive is she?” whispered Ganon surveying his hand. The fragment of the Triforce he held glowed brightly but soon dulled down.

He turned to face those surrounding him. They were small in numbers but soon he would have many minions. He would soon have complete control over Hyrule.

“My Lord is something bothering you?” asked a female voice, crisp and alert.

“Hm you are?”

“Why my dear cousin, do you not recognise us?” another female voice asked defiantly.

The two females stood in the light and bowed low to Ganon. They both were identical in every way except for what they wore. One wore fiery red and orange desert clothes and had a red Gerudo gem on her head whilst the other wore icy blues and greens, with a blue Gerudo gem. They both had olive skins like Ganon’s and had fiery red eyes.

“Ah, Fli and Fams. I have not seen you in years.” Said Ganon gesturing his hand absentmindedly.

“We were studying witchcraft under Kotake and Koume. After they died we have been training, hidden from the other Gerudos. We are now outcasts.” One said almost in anger.

“That is good. Very good indeed. I have a job for you.” He smirked evilly. “I want you to destroy the Hero of Destiny and her companion.”

They nodded as they both disappeared. They had a plan, the perfect plan.

A small laugh came from behind Ganon. He turned to face his prize. Link was sitting in a large crystal, one that had once held Zelda when she was captured by Ganon. He had various cuts and bruises from what seemed a fight. He looked up at him staring Ganon straight through. He smirked.

“You’re never gonna beat her. She is supposed to be the most powerful hero to walk on Hyrule. You wait.” He said almost laughing.

Ganon growled slightly. He did not care as he walked to Link’s prison. He placed a hand on the crystal and channelled his magic through it. Very powerful magic that flowed around the crystal like electricity. It hit Link and he screamed. Screamed louder than he had ever in his life as the magic hit every cell in his body leaving him in excruciating pain. Ganon’s laughter was all he heard after it stopped-when his world blacked out.

“I do not think so Hero of Time! She will die and you shall soon join her!” he smirked once more before his maniatical laughter filled the tower.

<i> back to Tetra</i>

Reid emerged from his house wearing travel armour, not the weighed down stuff he had to wear before. He wore his sword on his back with a shield and wore a brown satchel around his waist.

Tetra surveyed what he wore curiously. He wore a brown shirt with a chain mail under it, black trousers with brown boots and wore fingerless gloves on both hands. She couldn’t help but think he was handsome.

“Right let’s go!”

Tetra went to go for his hand again when she stopped. Her ears pricked slightly as she heard a faint song. She listened to it holding her hand up to prevent Reid from saying anything. She knew that song! It was Epona’s song but she heard a small voice calling to her. A small female’s voice.

<i> Your first test is revealed. This is of Wisdom and it shall be taking place at Lon Lon Ranch. Evil lurks in its walls…</i>

The voice silenced as the song finished.

“What is it?” asked Reid worriedly.

“We have to get to Lon Lon Ranch now!” cried Tetra as she ran through the archway that led to Hyrule Field. Her mind was racing focusing on Lon Lon Ranch. Her two friends resided there and she couldn’t bear the thought of any of them being hurt.

Continuing to run Reid shortly caught up with her, his eyes now full of worry. They were finally together and yet they couldn’t spend the time he would like to with her.

After about five-ten minutes they reached the large gates of Lon Lon Ranch. They were bound shut with chains like they were expected.

“Well no-ones home. Maybe later!” Reid said turning to walk away. His own ears pricked up as he heard clanging behind him. He turned to see in surprise Tetra climbing the gates! “Tetra what on Hyrule are you doing!?”

“Climbing the gate.” She said simply reaching the top of the gates. She pulled her legs over and leapt from it. “C’mon Reid! You coming or not?”

“Uh I’ll wait here you for to watch your back!” he said turning around.

“Oh you scared? SCAREDY CAT!!” She shouted.

That hit a nerve. Reid turned around his face red with anger. He leapt onto the gate at an alarming rate and was soon standing next to Tetra.

“I’m no coward! C’mon!” he said marching forward. Tetra stood with her arms folded for Reid soon scurried back. “How ‘bout you lead the way because I have no idea why we’re here.” She smirked and walked forward.

They soon entered the farm which was Lon Lon Ranch famous for their milk. They also breed magnificent horses for anyone basically but mainly the royal guard and the royal family. This was the home of Malon, Talon, Ingo and Malon's young family. She had married a young boy from Kakariko village by the name of Ralph and had two twin girls by the names of Romani and Cremia. They all knew who Tetra was as a person and not just as the princess.

“Hm it’s weird, not a cucco is making a noise.” Tetra said walking into the barn. The horses were all asleep along with the other animals. Tetra walked around checking the stables for anything moving when something caught her eye.

“Cremia?” Tetra asked opening the stable door.

A mop of red hair lay on the hay but it did not belong to the twins. Outside Reid was waiting for Tetra to return from the barn unknown that a shadow was creeping on him slowly.

“Man I wonder what Tetra is-“ He was caught from behind and dragged away with him biting and struggling against his kidnapper.

As he was dragged and tied to a post he gasped as he saw a pair of red eyes staring at him. He made to shut for help but was quickly gagged. A sharp pain in his arm and he felt his body going numb slowly. Was it poison?

A crash echoed through the farm as Tetra was flung through the barn wall. She was thrown into the ring where the horses were left to roam. She stood up and shook herself down.

“Definitely not Cremia or Romani.” She grumbled,

She looked at her surroundings to see who had attacked her. A sight caught her eye. Reid was tied to the post, his brow mopped with sweat.

“REID!” she screamed running to the post only stopping when a ring of fire surrounded him. He looked at her in worry as his eyes closed. “REID!”

“You needn’t worry girl. He is merely asleep.” A voice came.

Tetra looked around for the voice shouting many hylian curses.

“Now now language. Anyway he won’t be hurt for he is not our target. He was merely bait.” Another voice so different from the other.

“Show yourself cowards!”

A puff of smoke and there they were, the Gerudo Witches but Tetra didn’t know the danger she had gotten herself into. She took her sword out and readied herself.

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