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The Legend Of Tetra

By Dragon Warrior
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Chapter 5: Kokiri Woods; Meeting Saria

Tetra rode on Philips back letting the winds catch her face. It had been quite a while since she had ridden a horse.

“Where are we going next?” asked Navi, trying her best to keep up with the horse.

“Well…I’ve always wanted to visit Kokiri Woods. I really want to meet eh…” Tetra paused for a moment to think back on the name. “Oh yeah, someone named Saria?”

Navi tingled slightly at the name.

“Saria? I’ve not seen her in ages. I also can’t wait to see the new Great Deku Tree!” said Navi getting excited.

“The let’s go! HYA!!” said Tetra giving Philip a nudge in the side.

The horse shot of towards the woods leaving poor Navi behind.

“H-Hey wait for me!” shouted Navi flying after.

In a high tree above the forest perched an owl looking with curious eyes as Tetra entered the woods with Navi following shortly afterwards.

Kokiri Woods

Tetra walked through the tunnel that leads to the Kokiri’s home. When she emerged she found the village to be quiet.

“Why’s it so quiet?” she asked to herself.

“It is because evil has swept this sacred place. You must help them.” Came a deep voice.

Tetra looked around frantically to see who was speaking to her.

“Up here!”

Tetra looked up to come face to face with a large tawny owl perched on a branch.

“What you mean?”

“You’ll see soon enough…” the owl said before taking off into the air.

Tetra watched as the large owl flew away into the woods.

“What was that all about?”

Navi flew from behind Tetra and fell towards the ground.

“That…was a bit of a nightmare.” She sputtered trying to catch her breath. Navi looked around when she started to tingle loudly. ”WACTH OUT!!”

Tetra turned around to see a huge wolfos standing over her. It howled and began to attack. Tetra held up her shield but it was to fast and knocked her out like light…….

Tetra woke up and looked around. She was tied up with chains and was in a cage made with wooden bars. She tried to stand up but her feet were chained to the wall of the cell. Navi sat in a small cage above her.

“Uhhhh….” Tetra sat up a little and looked for the wolfos. “Where-Where am I?”

“We’re in a part of the woods that is forbidden.” Squeaked Navi.

Tetra looked up at the shivering fairy.

“Hey are you okay?” asked Tetra, concernedly.

“I-I’ve never been here before. Something about it scares me…”

Tetra tried to stand up again and this time she managed to make it to her feet.

“Your light it’s dimming slightly…why’s that?” asked Tetra.

Navi shivered slightly.

“It’s because of me.” Came an eerie voice.

“Who’s there?”

Evil laughter filled her cage which raised the hairs on the back of her neck.

“Why…I’m the Bagu Tree. I’m the darkness that wretched owl described. I wish to rule this forest but the Deku Tree has ruled for many a year that I can’t do anything.”

Tetra looked out her cage. She saw a huge Tree in front of her with a face distorted with pain. Around the tree there where several skull kids on the branches of it.

“Why am I here? What purpose do you need me for?”

“Why I caught thee legendary Hero of Destiny! Master Ganondorf will be very pleased with me.”

Navi squealed slightly which mad Tetra jump. She walked next to Navi to see her light dimming more.

“What have you done to Navi?” shouted Tetra.

“Why, didn’t you know that a fairies life force comes from the very forest it was born from? She’s in a place where almost everything has died and a great evil shield this area cutting off her very life energy!”

Tetra felt anger as she had never felt before. She clenched her fists in anger and looked at everything around her in pure anger. The anger rose to her mouth and she let words escape from her mouth.

“I won’t let you do this.” She said glowering at the tree. “DIN’S FIRE!!”

A fire dome appeared around Tetra cage burning away the bars and restraints. Tetra massaged her hands and went to Navi. She gently picked her up and placed Navi in her cap. She then faced the Tree.

“I am the Hero of Destiny. I will put an end to Ganondorfs evil.” Tetra screamed at the tree. She held up her hands and prepared to attack. “GODDESS BLAST!!!” The bright beams of light appeared and hit the tree at full force. The skull kids scattered into the forest as the tree began to writhe in pain.

Tetra held her hands in the air.


Wind enveloped Tetra and she was transported away. When the wind had stopped she looked around she was back in the village.

“Everyone you can come out now!”

She stood for a moment looking at all the houses, then slowly doors opened. Many children came afterwards garbed with green clothes. They all looked at each other in fear at the newcomer. One stepped out of the group with a snobby look on his face.

Uh Oh! Trouble!

“Who are you? You who dresses in our custom.” He asked, his voice slightly annoyed.

“ I-I’m Tetra. I am the Princess of Hyrule.”

The crowd murmured at this. A small girl stepped forward and looked Tetra up and down.

“But you look like us, not a princess. Where did you get those clothes?”

Tetra looked down at the ground as murmured something in audible.


“My daddy made them for me. He use to live here but had to leave on his own journey.” Her voice had gone hoarse.

“Your dad lived with us…” said the boy. “Could it be…?”

Tetra gulped nervously.

“Welcome to Kokiri Woods Tetra! How can we help?”

Tetra looked at them in disbelief. That was not the reaction she was expecting.

“It’s my fairy. She needs help. Her light is dimming.” Tetra said pulling Navi from her cap. She was breathing heavily and her eyes were closed in pain.

“Hmmm…we need to take her for a while. Our fairies and doctors may be able to help. You’re free to look around the village.” Said the girl taking Navi into her arms.


The crowd of Kokiri scattered around the village leaving the snobby boy in front of her. He looked at her suspiciously.

“Is your dad, Link?” he asked curiously.

“Em yes he is.” She said nervously.

“So that loser is really alive-“ he began but Tetra had grabbed him by his collar and held him in the air. The Golden Gauntlets made him lighter than a feather.

“Don’t you ever call my father a loser! He has saved more than two nations since he left here, so pay a little respect or I’ll teach it to ye!” she said to him her nose barely touching his.

He grinned happily.

“Well Saria will be pleased.”

Tetra dropped him looked at him. Already she was starting to loath him.

“Where is Saria? I need to talk to her.”

“She’s at the Sacred Forest Meadow. She said that she was waiting for somebody.”

“Okay. Thanks.”

She turned away when the boy talked again.

“You’ll never make it through the Lost Woods. Only I the Great Mido know how and maybe Saria!”

“She won’t need your help.” Said a sharp female voice.

Tetra spun around to see Impa standing over her.

“Impa! You got my message!”

“Yes. The one called Reid came straight to the Shadow Temple looking for me. He said the Hero of Destiny is here. I took it to mean you were finally back. I’ve been looking everywhere. You seem to have made yourself popular.”

Mido looked at Impa in fear.

“You ready to go?”

“Yes but I don’t know the song to transport to the Forest Temple.”

“Then I’ll teach you.”

Impa pulled out a small flute and began to play the Minuet of the Forest. The song reminded Tetra of the times she would play on trees in the courtyard. She pulled out her ocarina and played the same notes. As soon as the song was finished a green light appeared around them and they were transported to a small pedestal near a temple.

“HELP ME!” screamed a girl.

“That came from the meadow!”

Tetra and Impa ran towards the meadow to see five wolfos surrounding a green haired girl and a pink fairy. Impa attacked all of the wolfos with a wave of shadows which caused them to run away in panic.

“Are you okay?”

The girl looked up at Tetra with green eyes.

“Yes thank you.”

“Saria, you need medical attention. We should get you back to your village.” Said Impa looking at the girl’s legs and arms. There were deep gashes on her arms and legs and one of her arms was in an awkward postion.

“You’re Saria?”

“Yes but I’ll tell you more once I’m back home.”

Tetra nodded and lifted Saria to her feet.

“Impa you’d better come close.”

Impa nodded and held Tetra’s shoulders.


With a gust of wind the three of them disappeared.

The Sacred Realm

A small cheerful tune filled the glistening walls of the sacred realm. Rauru opened his eyes and listened to the sound.

“Hm, Saria’s Song.” He chuckled. “Second task is complete; protecting her loved ones previous home. Just two more tasks before she is worthy of the challenge.”

He closed his eyes and began to fade away to the distance, the song still ringing through the realm.

Comments on this chapter

Dragon Warrior says:

I think it's okay. Will explain things in next chapter. l;lol.gif

Chaltab says:

Very nice use of Impa and the Magic Spells here. Goddess Blast? That's a new one! tongue.gif

I was afraid Tetra would deteriorate into a Mary Sue, but so far she is growing on me. Keep up the good work. smile.gif

Still, you need to work on the grammar. You're still dropping commas and in some cases words. One line reads: “What you mean?” Instead of "What do you mean?"

Dragon Warrior says:

TT_TT I know! I don't mean to! Anway I thought of Goddess Blast because Link had his own spells: Din's Fire, Nayru's Love and Farore's Wind so I needed a new one which is the combined force of all three. She'll eventually learn the others as you'll see soon! l;lol.gif