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The Legend Of Tetra

By Dragon Warrior
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Chapter 6: Saria; the Forest Sage

Saria lay in a small bed with her eyes closed. She had multiple bandages wrapped around her with the exception of her arm which was in a sling. Tetra couldn’t help but feel responsible. She sat in a small chair and was looking down at the ocarina of time. The door knocked and she hastily put it back in her pocket.

“How’s she doing?” asked Impa as she closed the door behind her.

“Not bad but her injuries are grave…” Tetra said pointing out the worst of Saria’s injuries.

Impa placed her hands on Tetra’s shoulder and looked her straight in the eye.

“Tetra, it’s not your fault. You couldn’t do anything about it.”

Tetra looked away from Impa’s dark eyes and looked at the floor.

“I wish my mother and father were here.” She whispered.

Impa stood up and smiled gently. Tetra looked up into Impa’s eyes, they were shimmering with happiness.


Impa looked out the window. Though Hyrule Castle had changed, it was a very beautiful day and you could see for miles. From Lake Hylia’s dense lake to the fiery hills of Death Mountain.

“Your mother is always watching. The winds carry secrets on its breath and we all know the winds travel many places. Trust me. Anyway...” Impa looked at Tetra with curiosity. “What happened in the Lost Woods? I would’ve helped but I had other matters to take care of.”

Tetra looked out at the forest sheepishly and placed her hand on her head.

“Well see…I got captured by this mad looking tree. He was like “I’m the Bagu Tree fear me!” and I’m like “I’ll get you”. Anyway there were an awful lot of Skull kids around his branches. Will they come here to avenge their home?”

“Hm? It’s hard to say but we should be able to handle them. Why, I can use the Shadows to attack and you seem to be developing your powers fairly well. Am I right in saying you can use three spells now?”

Tetra rubbed her hands nervously and smiled.

“Yes. I can use Goddess Blast, Din’s Fire and Farore’s Wind. I still need to learn one more. Whhaat?” she asked as Impa looked at like a proud mother.

“I have a secret to tell you.” Said Impa quietly moving close to Tetra’s ear.


Impa placed her hand on her stomach. Tetra’s eyes widened.

“You’re pregnant! I thought that you were-“

“I know so did I but it’s happened. My husband died merely days ago and now I find out about this!”

“Wow congrats! Have you told my mom and dad!?” asked Tetra excitedly.

“No but I hope maybe after Ganondorf has been defeated I’ll tell them.”

Tetra attitude changed. She was happy and giddy and left the tree house in a hurry.

“Where are you going?” shouted Impa.

“To see Navi.”

Tetra walked through the small village whistling happily. She stopped near the waterfall and sat down on one of the rocks. She had never felt this happy before. She pulled out the ocarina and closed her eyes. A bright light appeared and Tetra was in her royalty clothes.

“This is one occasion I will wear them!”

She stood up and looked out at the village. She placed the ocarina in her mouth and began to play. Each note she played was fast and cheerful and soon she had a crowd cheering her. She stopped playing and began to ask for those who could play instruments.

“Anyone here play musical instruments?”

A boy flung his hand up. Tetra nodded.

“The names Fado. I play the violin!”

Another hand.

“Sola, I can play small drums.”

“I need one more!”

Another hand.

“I the Great Mido (Tetra rolled her eyes). I play using sticks on *logs.”

Soon after everything was set up Tetra flung her hands up for silence.

“I meant to say. I’ll be singing can anyone use an ocarina?”

A small hand shot up.

“I can.”

Everybody turned around to see you said that. A small green haired girl walked through the crowd. As she walked a few bowed their head.

“Saria! Your suppose to be resting!” said Tetra sternly.

Saria looked at Tetra as though she were about to scold a small child.

“I’m fine now you give me the ocarina and let’s have fun!”

Tetra paused for a minute and grinned happily.

Once Saria was helped onto the stage. Tetra counted down.

“Five, Four, Three, Two…One!”

The music began and everybody started to dance. Tetra smiled and began to sing.

“Look around at this, Impa.” Said a voice atop a tree.

“Yes, she has certainly matured. You have raised her well…Link.”

A transparent figure sat on the tree and smiled. His messy blonde hair had a green cap on it and his green tunic was concealed by the trees leaves.

“I know. Anyway I heard what you were saying and congrats. I hope I can stay around when the baby is born.”

Impa looked down and held her stomach. The song Tetra was singing rang through the village.

“How did you get here? I thought he had you locked away.”

“He does but he couldn’t lock away my soul and we all know that I’ve developed powers like Zelda so I’m able to this.”

“You should speak to her. She misses you.”

Link looked at his daughters face. It was glowing with happiness as she sang away her troubles.

“Not now…Once she finishes the last two tasks then I will.”

He faded away as Tetra’s song finished.

The crowd in front of Tetra cheered in happiness as Tetra and the band bowed. Saria tried but ended up nodding her head.

“Thank you!”

Tetra jumped across the stream and headed towards the crowd. All the girls rushed to the front and looked at her in awe and wonder.

“Your so pretty, your highness.” Said a small girl.

“Yes.” Said the others in unison.

“Please call me Tetra. I don’t like being referred as Your Highness.”

The girls nodded.

“Now can you tell me where my father’s tree house is located? I really want to see it.”

The girls pointed to a sole tree house near the bottom of a small hill.

“Thank you.”

Tetra turned around and walk slowly towards her father’s home. Just mentioning her fathers name hurt her gravely. As she thought more of her father old memories flooded back.

”C’mon Tetra! You’re not trying hard enough!” shouted Link through the clashing of swords.

A small girl pulled back her sword and glowered at her father. She had been practicing but she could never beat him.

“Trust in the sword and you’ll manage to hit your target. Now try again!”

Tetra smiled. She pulled the sword to the back of her and began charging it with magic energy. Link looked through unbelieving eyes.

“What are you doing? You can’t use a sword technique that powerful.”

She smirked and kept pouring the magi into it until she felt it become full with her magic.

“HURRICANE SPIN!” she screamed as she swung her sword.

She travelled around in circles concentrating on her father. She was spinning so fast that he couldn’t block all the attacks. She hit, he barely blocked until he got a deep gash in his arm.

“Tetra! Stop right now!!” he said sternly.

Tetra slowed down to a stop and grinned.

“See what I did daddy! I’ve never been able to do that successfully until now!”

He continued to look at her sternly.

“You never use a technique that powerful! You may only use it when you are completely ready! You nearly lost control! You could’ve hurt someone!” he said harshly before turning away to return to the castle.

Tetra stood there looking down at her sword. She fell to her knees and began to cry. The tears wouldn’t stop coming.

Tetra stopped at the house and looked at it. It was a massive oak tree with several carving on it. She walked up to the tree and placed a hand on it.

“You really miss him don’t you?” said a small voice.

Tetra swung around to see Saria looking at her.

“Yes but don’t worry I’ll save Hyrule if it’s the last thing I do.”

Saria smiled and held out her hand.


“First your ocarina, and a little something I made you.” Said Saria holding out a small parcel wrapped in green

Tetra unwrapped the parcel to see it wasn’t a parcel but a long green cloak.

“What’s this?”

“It’s called a forest cloak. Wrap it around yourself and you can become invisible to the naked eye. It’s also been imbued with some of the Great Deku Trees magic so you can’t be harm by anything from a forest. I hope you like it.”

Tetra smiled and hugged Saria.

“I do thank you so much.”

Tetra was about to put it on when she heard a small sound.

“Move!” she said pushing Saria aside.

Tetra felt a small pain on the back of her neck. She felt her neck to find a small dart. She pulled it out and looked at it.

“Poison?” she said shaking slightly.

Laughter rang through the village. Laughter of children.

“You destroyed our home and now we’ve come to destroy yours!” said a small voice.

“Tetra…” said Saria in disbelief.

“What kind of poi…” Tetra started but everything around her turned black and she fell backwards.

An arm shot out and grabbed her before she collapsed.


“Take her to safety! I’ll deal with these things!”

Saria stood up and glowed green. Her wounds healed and she took her arm out of the sling.

“No. I’m fighting to.” Said Saria.

Impa nodded and gently placed Tetra on the ground. She stood and pulled out her katana whilst Saria produced a small bow and arrow.

“Let’s go!”

*I was trying to describe a xylophone because I didn’t know if they existed in that time era.

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Koroks Rock says:

I believe there was a xylophone in Majora's Mask, perhaps with the Zoras? Can't remember exactly.

Oh, and good job for naming "Sola" in the Kokiri tradition. For anyone who doesn't know, Kokiri names are usually made out of combinations of
do re me fa so la ti

Dragon Warrior says:

Oh! See I didn't know that! Oh well. I like how this came out! What do anybody think of it!? l;lol.gif