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The Legend Of Tetra

By Dragon Warrior
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Chapter 7: Tetra Needs Help!

Tetra lay on the grass her breathing becoming heavier and heavier, her eyes closed in pain. Sweat ran down her beautiful face as the poison spread quickly through her body.

Sheik and Impa were next to her with their weapons drawn, looking…..waiting.

Another dart!

Impa held up her katana and reflected it away.

“Why don’t you come on out if your not scared!?” shouted Saria, as she readied an arrow.

Children’s laughter rang through the village again as many shadows flew from the forest. Soon afterwards there stood hundreds of skull kids with their flutes out. One stepped forward and was obviously the leader due to his clothing.

“We’re not afraid. Now stand aside.” He said calmly. His voice was bold and chilling.

Saria smirked slightly as she pulled the arrow back.


“She destroyed our home!” shouted a skull kid.

“Where are we supposed to live?” shouted another.

The leader began to laugh. It laughed hard as these pathetic skull kids cried out in pain.

“Pathetic little mortals!” he said his eyes glowing red. “You have no idea who you are dealing with!”

Impa and Saria looked shocked. They knew who was speaking and they knew now what was going on.

“RUN SKULL KIDS!” shouted Saria as the leader began to take a new form.

They didn’t however. They readied their flutes with more darts and began blowing them at their leader.

He laughed as they hit him.

“Do you think that will stop me!? I made them from my own evil so the won’t do anything to someone who has evil running through their veins!”

The skull kids lowered their flutes in fear and huddled together. The leader laughed cruelly as he vanished in a bright light to reveal a new monster.

“It’s Puppet Ganondorf!” screamed Saria remembering the last time they had encountered.

Impa held up her katana but he merely blasted it away with a magic blast.

“My task has been fulfilled. I need not stay in this place!” he said disappearing into the shadows.

Impa charged forward as Saria readied a new arrow, but it was too late as the shadow disappeared. Impa fell to the ground and began pounding her hands on the ground. Saria stepped forward and tried to comfort her.

“There is nothing you could’ve done Impa…” said Saria patting Impa on the back.

Impa stood up and looked at Tetra.

“I’m supposed to be guardian to the Royal family and the Shadow Sage and yet I can’t seem to fulfil them.” She said bending down and picking up Tetra.

Saria bent her head in thought and smiled at Impa.

“Impa I may not look it but I’m older than you and I know that one mistake can be made up with the right thing to do. You swore to protect her at all costs. The last time I looked she was twelve with not much attempt on her life without you there for her.” Said Saria wisely.

Impa nodded and began to walk away.

“Where are you going?” asked Saria.

“I need to take her back to the Sacred Realm. You heard the Shadow.”

“Yes he said that the poison won’t hurt those with evil already going through their veins but Tetra isn’t evil she is pure at heart.”

“Exactly. Once you have settled Kokiri Woods, I want you to meet me in the Sages Chamber…and bring Navi with you. She’ll need to know.” Said Impa as she threw a deku nut down and disappeared with Tetra in her arms.

Saria nodded and walked towards the frightened Skull Kids.

“I know that Tetra destroyed you home but she was escaping from the evil there. Your all free now.” She said lifting them all to their feet.

They got up and looked around. They jumped with joy and headed back to the forest leaving one lone Skull Kid.

“What’s the matter little one?”

“She had the same smell as him.” It said in a small voice.


The Skull Kid looked into Saria’s eyes.

“The fairy boy who taught me a song. A happy song…” it said sorrowfully.

Saria now understood what the Skull Kid was saying. He was the same Skull Kid that Link had saved in the parallel world Termina.

“Skull Kid, there is something you outta know…” she said bending down next to the Skull Kid.

Sages Chamber

Rauru stood over Tetra’s limp form with his hand over his mouth. Around him stood the other four sages; Darunia, Ruto, Impa, and Nabooru.

“This is very grave…very very grave.” Said Rauru in a heavy voice.

“We have to do something.” Said Impa.

“Yes. She suppose to be the salvation of Hyrule.” Boomed Darunia flexing his muscles.

Ruto and Nabooru nodded in agreement.

Two flashes of light appeared. One was green as Saria shape appeared in it with a small fairy in her hands. The other took the shape of Sheik though now she had changed to Princess Zelda.

Saria placed Navi on Tetra’s stomach as Zelda sat down next to her daughters form.

“Is there any thing we can do for her?” asked Zelda holding Tetra’s cold hands.

“There’s one way but if we do it, the seals placed on Ganondorfs magic could be weakened considerably.” Said Ruto.

“Queen Zelda what do you wish to do?”

Zelda looked down at her daughter’s pale face. Zelda stroked her gently and stood up.

“We have to save her at all costs.”

The sages nodded and gathered around Tetra. They placed their hands over Tetra with Zelda’s on top.

“I call upon the goddesses of the triforce, to vanquish the evil in this child’s body. Purge her of the evil toxin.” Beseeched Zelda.

A bright light appeared and three golden forms came from the heavens. On of red one of blue and one of green. The sages removed their hands and held them into the air. The golden forms walked over to Tetra and Navi and nodded. They placed their hands on three parts of Tetra’s body. The red place her hand of Tetra’s head, the green placed her hand on Tetra’s mouth and the blue placed her hand where Tetra’s heart was. A bright light appeared in the Sacred Realm as they poured their power into Tetra.

“It is done…” said the red, her voice had a small echo on it.

The sages bowed as the Goddesses left to the heavens again to watch over Hyrule.

“Queen Zelda, you must return to Hyrule as Sheik for the time being.” Said Impa picking up both Tetra and Navi.

Zelda nodded and vanished in a flash of light. Soon afterwards the other sages followed after leaving only Rauru, Saria, and Impa. Rauru nodded his head curtly as he vanished into the Sages Temple.

“You ready?” asked Saria.

“Yes. We’ll return to Kokiri Woods for the time being. We need to let her rest.”

They vanished from the Sages Chamber leaving only the walls glistening brightly…silently.

Ganondorfs’ Castle

Ganondorf stood over the crystal that held Link. He still had his eyes closed in a dreamless rest. A flash of light appeared behind him to reveal the form of Sheik.

“You have returned Sheik.” He said not looking around.

“Yes Master.”

Ganondorf turned around to face Sheik.

“Tell me what happened at the Sages Chamber.” He said.

Sheik looked down and then looked at Link’s limp form.

“No…” she whispered.

“So be it.”

Ganondorf placed his hand on the crystal prison Link was in. Link cried in pain as Ganondorf sent devastating magic through his body. His cries filled the room.

“Tell me now!” shouted Ganondorf pouring more magic into Link.

Link opened his eyes painfully. Just opening them caused him pain. He looked towards Sheik, who watched sorrowfully as Link was being tortured.

“Don’t…tell! D-Don’t..” he said before he lost consciousness. The pain had been too great for him.

Sheik looked up at Ganondorf with hatred in her eyes. He smirked.

“Now tell me or I’ll do it again…” he said his hand still near the crystal.

Sheik continued to look into the cold pits that were the eyes of Ganondorfs.

Link…I’m so sorry…