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The Legend Of Tetra

By Dragon Warrior
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Chapter 8: Courage, Love and Power?

Sacred Realm

Hidden away in the Sacred Realm, in a place not even the sages knew about, was the place where the three Golden Goddesses lived; Din, Farore and Nayru.

Din was the goddess of power, who had created the land of Hyrule. Her long flowing red hair ran down to her waist and she was the oldest out of the Goddesses.

Nayru was the goddess of wisdom, and she had poured her love into the land to let it flourish and created the law for creatures to abide from. She had shorter hair than Din and yet it was longer than Farores and it was also a vibrant blue. She was the second oldest of the three.

Farore, though young was the goddess of courage and she created the magical creatures that would live in Hyrule and who would obey the law. Her hair was deep green and reached her shoulders. She was the youngest.

Farore turned to her sisters in worry.

“What if Ganondorf becomes so strong that we cannot defeat him?” she asked wringing her fingers through.

“That is what we have also thought of.” chimed Nayru, playing with a small ball of light.

“Then what shall we do?” asked Farore.

Din bent her head in thought as Nayru breathed in the small ball of light. She opened her hands to reveal a small fairy.

“You shall be a great fairy of wisdom but now is not the time. You belong in Zoras Domain for the time being as a regular fairy. You shall wait until a fairy named Navi comes for you. Understood?” whispered Nayru.

The fairy nodded and disappeared into the light of the Sacred Realm.

Din raised her head solemnly.

“One of us shall have to travel to Hyrule you guide the Hero of Destiny. The other two shall join in the battle when she faces of against Ganondorf. Now who shall go?”

Farore thought for a while and hastily lifted her hand.

“I shall go…”

The other two looked at her astonishingly and then at each other.

“Will you be able to handle such an important task?” asked Din.

“Yes. The Hero of Destiny possesses more courage than wisdom and being the goddess of courage I think I should go.” She said quietly.

Din nodded in agreement and clasped her hands together.

Sages! Please gather in the sages’ chamber! It is urgent!

“Ready?” asked Nayru.

They nodded and together vanished.

In the sages’ chamber, the six sages stood on their pedestals all looking rather confused.

“What’s going on?” asked Darunia.

A bright light appeared before them and the three goddesses appeared in front of the sages. The sages knelt on one knee in respect.

“Rise.” Said Din.

They all rose to their feet and looked at the three goddesses.

“We have decided to help with Hyrule’s future. We cannot let it fall into Ganondorf’s hands.”

“What is to be done?” asked Rauru.

Farore stepped forward her brilliant green eyes looking in their direction.

“I shall be aiding the Hero of Destiny.”

The sages looked at each other and then back.

“I shall disguise myself of course and will not reveal my true identity to her.” She said.

The sages nodded.

The goddesses looked at one another for one last time. Nayru came forward and produced a small charm. It was light green and possessed Farore’s symbol on it.
“Wear this always. You will be able to communicate with us with that. It also has very powerful magic in it which will protect you if you’re ever in danger.” Said Nayru placing it around Farores neck.

She hugged her goodbye and stepped back. Din stared at Farore and stepped forward.

“You will have to stay with the Hero of Destiny at all times. Also you will have extra protection from the Sages. Please be careful. If he finds out who you are, he will be able to take control of Hyrule easily.” Said Din hugging her sister.

Farore smiled and watched as her sisters vanished into a bright light. She sighed and turned to face the sages.

“You all may return to your lands. Impa, Saria please wait.”

The sages all vanished leaving Saria and Impa standing together.

“I would like to come with you but I also need your help.”


“I need to change the way I look and how I speak.”

Saria smiled.

“Then I’m your best bet. Let’s return to my house. Impa please check on Tetra.”

Impa nodded and vanished like the other sages. Saria stood and surveyed Farore.

“You’re about my size, so I may have some clothes for you. We also need to find a weapon you can use.”

Farore nodded and looked down at her charm.

Din, Nayru…

“Something green please!” she said grinning happily.

Saria grinned also and held out her hand. Farore took it and together they disappeared.

Kokiri Woods

Tetras eyes fluttered slightly as she woke. She sat up but only to find that every bone in her body ached.

“Ow ow ow!!!” she groaned.

“YOU’RE AWAKE!!” screamed a small voice.

A small ball of light flew into Tetras’ face causing her to fall backwards.

“Thank goodness you’re awake! I thought you’d never!”

Tetra opened her eyes in pain to see Navi, fully healed, in front of her eyes.

“Navi! Your okay!” said Tetra grabbing her small friend.

“What’s going on?” asked a strict voice.

Impa walked into the small hut with a tray full of food(if you call berries, fruit, and water food!). She placed it next to Tetra.

“How are you?”

“Better but still sore.”

“Then you need rest!”

Impa forced Tetra back down.

“Where am I?”

Impa smiled.

“We’re in your fathers’ tree house. Thought you’d be more comfortable here.”

Tetra looked around and could see the walls littered with posters and various flowers. She was sure she seen in a corner a small Deku Shield.


“By the way we have someone we’d like you to meet.”

A girl the same age as Tetra walked into the tree house. She wore A green tunic similar to Tetra’s but hers reached her knees. She wore a belt sporting two small swords. She wore on her back a small metal shield. She had a very beautiful face and had bright green hair which fell to her shoulders. She wore a dark green headband in her hair. Her eyes were full of love and also if looked deeply into a longing to prove ones self.

“Hi! My name’s Fara. Pleased to meet you!” she said smiling.

*I thought I’d add a twist like this. I really liked the idea and I hope you do to!*

Comments on this chapter

Koroks Rock says:

Your writing feels really forced in this chapter, and could use some serious revision. Don't hesitate to spend extra time on a chapter to make it better.

Make sure you don't have redundant phrases and that everything can be said orally (if it's hard to say aloud then it should be avoided).

Dragon Warrior says:

I spent last night on it and it was quite late so I was really tired.

As soon as I've acrtually finished the story I'll revise and make changes!