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The Legend Of Tetra

By Dragon Warrior
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Chapter 1: Tetra

*Please do not confuse with Tetra from Windwaker! I have completely redone this and hopefully do the same with the other chapters.*

Disclaimer: I do not own The Legend of Zelda or any of its characters so please don’t be askin’ for characters and stuff. The Legend of Zelda belongs to Nintendo!

She lay under a tree looking up to the sky ignoring the small harp at the side of her. She had spent half the day in a bad mood but she chose to come out for fresh air. The sky: why couldn’t she be as calm as the pale blue sky. When she looked at it, it always made her feel calm and relaxed. She closed her eyes and thought long and hard.

She opened them again and stood up. Her vivid blue eyes looked down at the long dress she wore. She brushed it down, a little disgruntled. The dress itself was a pale pink and had a small green robe around her waist fastened to a gold belt. The small robe had various designs on it but the eye catching part was the triangles with a red bird around the middle. She wore fragile whit gloves on either arm to hide a secret.

This is ridiculous! I hate these things so much! she thought.

She pulled of the small tiara she wore and gave her bright blonde hair a shuffle. She held the delicate tiara in her hands and gave it a small clean. It too had a touch of green on it which was a jewel in the middle. She sighed and placed it once again on her head. She turned around to face a huge castle. She was a young princess in the land of Hyrule and she lived in the large castle, Castle Hyrule.

“That is still too huge!” she muttered sarcastically.

She lifted her harp and began walking up to the large castle and taking in the beautiful scenery around her. It was only spoiled by the many armoured guards around the outside of the castle. She chose to ignore this and looked once again at the scenery. She could see the giant volcano known as Death Mountain, home of the gorons, a rock eating species. She smiled as she thought of her uncle Darunia, her fathers sworn brother. Everything else was sheltered by great mountains and so she continued to the castle.

She reached the giant drawbridge that lead into the mighty castle. Stationed at the bridge was a scrawny teenaged boy no older then she. His luscious brown eyes could be seen from under his helmet and she was sure she could see some of his brown hair under the helmet. She approached him.

“Good afternoon Reid!” she said politely.

The boy caught sight of her. He seemed to blush slightly at the sight of her. His throat constricted slightly as he tried to speak.

“G-Good a-afternoon, y-your highness…” he flustered.

“Reid how many times must I remind you call me Tetra! You never had problems with it before.” She said sadly. She really hated being called “Your Highness” all the time.

“That was before I was made a soldier. Now that I am I am to show my proper respect to royalty.”

“Your right, Red*!”

“Don’t call me that Teta*!”

“The same! I have a small question to ask!” she said almost in a whisper.

He leaned closely. He smiled as memories of them as children, sharing secrets and passing them around.

“Do you know why my daddy…I mean the King has brought in more soldiers and younger ones at that?” she asked eyeing him slightly.

“I dunno and hey I’m not that young!”

“You’re sixteen and I’m twelve! What does that say to you?” she broke of with a voice of concern. She didn’t know if Reid knew but she held deep feelings possibly deeper due to their close friendship.

“Never mind…”

An uncomfortable silence.

“Hey I learned a new song today for my harp and my ocarina!”

“Oh! What’s it called?” asked Reid excitedly.

“The Song of Healing. My daddy taught it to me this morning. Wanna hear?”


Tetra brought her harp up to her and she gently began to pluck at the small strings. She began a little rusty but soon she got the tunes right. She played happily and let the notes carry on the breeze. The music was soft and soothing and relieved her of all her troubles. She stopped with a graceful finish and lowered the harp.


“That was amazing! What does it do?”

“Funny you should ask. When played to a trouble soul the song is said to release those troubled and left behind is a mask containing mysterious power. Now can I get into the castle?”


He moved aside and allowed Tetra to enter.

“Are you gonna speak to His Majesty?”

Tetra wrinkled her face. Earlier today after her music lesson her father and she had had a huge fight which involved the whole of the castle to hear.

“No. I’m going up to my room. I need some rest…”

With that she made her leave and went into the castle. The castle was bigger than what it looked from the outside. The inside itself was a complete maze. She smiled and took a set of spiralling stairs that led to her bedroom.

She entered and placed her harp on a small dresser. Her room was decorated with pale pink and green with a huge four poster bed in it. She had a balcony which she would stand on to look at Hyrule better. Her room consisted mainly of books and a few magical items. She had a small crystal on one of her bookshelves which was said to contain some of the goddesses’ essences.

She began to pull of her clothes and scavenged for others. She finally pulled out a set of green clothes from her wardrobe and a small set of boots and gloves. She pulled on a white undershirt and that had long sleeves that reached her wrists. She pulled a familiar green tunic over her head and fastened her favourite satchel on to keep it secure. She pulled on some thick white tights and next a pair of heavy brown boots. The last she took a while with. She pulled of her white gloves and looked at the faint scar she had on the back of her hand.

It was a triforce symbol said to be bestowed unto people who would do great things to help those they love. She kept it hidden because she didn’t want to endanger herself or her mother and father. It was because of them she had this scar. Her parents held two shards of the triforce and had passed down parts of it to her. For her parents were considered heroes worthy of their titles.

Her father was the Hero of Time, possessor of the triforce of courage Link. After his proposal to Princess Zelda, the King chose to leave the throne since the Princess must rule with her fiancé which meant Link had to fight only in the gravest matters. He was a soft and kind soul who certainly didn’t act his age( He was 32) and chose to wear his own clothes rather then the traditional red robes Hyrulian Kings had to wear. He had taught Tetra swordplay and how to use an ocarina. He would often speak of the tribe he grew up in especially his adoptive parents: Saria and Ras**.

Her mother was the Princess of Destiny and possessor of the triforce of wisdom, the princess Zelda. She had seen to it that Tetra was treated with the utmost respect even the neighbouring countries knew better than to treat her wrongly. She had learned the Sheikah ways from her mother, to be used only in the hottest of battles. She could conceal daggers all over her person and learned how to play the harp. She still preferred her ocarina.

She sighed deeply and placed the gloves on her dresser. She grabbed her brush and began to give her hair a slight brush. She lifted some extra bandages from her trinket box and used it to tie her hair in a ponytail. She smiled at her reflection and reached for the green cap she was going to wear. She placed on carefully on her hair and looked into the mirror.

“Wow…you are the spitting image of me at that age…” came a kind voice behind her.

Tetra turned around to see her father standing in her doorway. He looked somewhat guilty and had his hands behind his back. He certainly was handsome at his age.

“I believe these are yours.” He said holding out one arm. He had in his hands a small pair of brown gloves which looked like Tetra’s own with a slight difference. They had gold running from the knuckles to the wrist. Her eyes widened as she accepted them.

“Daddy these are…”

“Yes they are.”

Tetra pulled on the gloves and felt strength come to her. She felt like she could lift anything.. She looked away from her father and walked out onto her balcony.


“I’m sorry about this morning…I shouldn’t be treating you like a child any more. You’re growing up and I can’t stop it. You can go travelling if you like. In fact I have a request for you.”

Tetra turned and leaned on the balcony’s edge.


“I would like you too meet my friend Saria and also could you take this to Malon.” He said holding out a small wooden box. “Malon will know what it is. Now one last thing.” He held out a small blade with a jewel on its hilt and a Hylian shield made exact size for a child to wield. He strapped them onto Tetra and stood back to look at her. “Perfect.”

Tetra smiled warmly and turned to look out the window. Link walked to her side and held her close.

“No matter what, you’ll always be my little girl. I’m very proud of you.” He said giving her a small kiss on the head.

Tetra looked out at the horizon looking worried. It felt cold, a bitter cold. The sky began to change colour and a tremble occurred.

“Something isn’t right…” she said looking at this.

Link agreed. Darkness covered the small town in front of them and Tetra could see some of the guards making a movement to the town. Then it happened. The earth shook mightily as a black light appeared from the temple of Time. The soldiers held out their spears and swords ready. Out of this dark light appeared a figure; a dark figure. Cackling filled the air as a black mist appeared. Tetra could hear screaming, screaming that buried into the very soul shattering it. Tetra saw the mist take the soldiers. She cried out when she saw Reid getting engulfed by it, him screaming in pain. She watched as each and every one of them turned into a skeletal creature draped in parts of armour. She watched as the dark figure descended to the ground outside of the castle. He was a man, that she could tell but those eyes; those dreadful eyes.

“I-it can’t be…” said Link stepping back in horror.

Tetra wasn’t listening. She had seen then boy, the man she loved being taken from her. All she heard after that was a mighty cackling.

*They were their nicknames as kids.
** I made the name Ras seen as in the manga, the unknown boy had no name and yet he took Link in also Saria.(Well I think Saria did seeing as she acts like a parent to Link! Look to my other fanfic to understand!)

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star_breaker says:

Nice chapter, but that last bit feels a bit rushed. Darkness engulfing everything, and Ganon just strolling up to the castle? Unlikley.

achitka says:

Whoa - alot happened really really what's the hurry...oh yeaj Ganon showed up - I hate when that happens

Dragon Warrior says:

whoops! I really wasn't rushing. I sorta wanted to make it dramatic but I guess I mucked it up!

ganon rulez says:

i admit it was a bit random when ganon came and a bit rushed but my gosh im gonna read more its quite catchy

Niko the ninja says:

A little work wouldn't hurt. But other than that, it's kinda good, Dragon.

Chaltab says:

Hm, it's a bit too early to tell, but Tetra comes across as a bit of a Mary Sue. Not terribly much, but... just a bit. I'll reserve final judgement for later.

As for Link... Eh, I'm not really sure. I just can't see the Hero of Time settling down with Zelda and becoming King of Hyrule. Obviously, since you've read Three World's Curse, you know I have a very different characterization and fate in mind for this Link, so I may just be biased.