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Strangers for a Night

By achitka
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Chapter 1: part one

Yes, I'm supposed to be writing something else...I am, but for whatever reason it is going painfully slow - I'm thinking it has more to do with me and my inante laziness than what I've already written...

But whatever - this is only going to be a two maybe three chapter dittie - based completely off my own fanfiction, Nagori Saimon and Senkyoku - ...scary I know and you can also consider this mess full disclaimed - - anyway

The question I'm most often emailed (lately) is how, or better why, when Link and Tetra met up on Windfall, didn't they just walk away? You can all stop wondering since - I decided this needed explaining, well not really. But! That got me to thinking on the subject and it was all downhill from there. So be prepared for romance, mushy pie stuff as well as potential humor, random violence and swearing. I'm also trying out third person omnicient with a narrator whose identity isn't (hopefully) too obvious until the end- so if it's confusing...that would be why (it also gives me yet another be a slacker.)


Strangers for a Night...

The story I'm about to tell you is true, though it all happend a long time ago. It is the story of how a hero and a princess learned that no matter how hard you try, you can never escape your chosen destiny, especially when the fates', your friends and family conspire against you.

Outset Island: 48 hours Pre-Festival

Standing out on the balcony, Grandma Namaki stood watching the cliffs where her grandson sat staring out over the bay. Since returning to Outset six months before, Link spent a little too much time doing just that. He'd kept himself busy enough, exploring bits of ruins here and there, he just wasn't happy anymore. His brooding was becoming overbearing but there was no mistaking the cause of his melancholy. Broken hearts always take the longest to mend. That boy needs a change of scenery, Grandma Namaki thought, perhaps a trip to Windfall to visit his sister would do him some good. Ayrll already was growing into a tall and willowy beauty as her mother had been. However, at sixteen, the girl was far wiser than her outward appearance. Maybe she'd be able to talk some sense into her brother.

With that in mind, Grandma Namaki went inside and wrote her granddaughter a short letter. As luck would have it, the Rito postman was only just arriving and took her letter, promising it would arrive to its destination early the next morning. Now all she had to do was convince her grandson to go to Windfall. When Link returned late in the evening, Grandma Namaki carefully broached the subject saying, "Link, you've been moping around for months. Don't you think it's about time you went out and had some fun?"


"Link, just because you and your pirate friend parted ways doesn't mean you should waste away here."

"I'm not wasting away, I like it here. I just needed a break. It's quiet and there's the added bonus that nothing's attacking me. Nice and safe. Certainly safer than some places I can think of." Link paused and his hands started to fidget. He twisted his neck, making it pop as he thought, Besides the whole female half of the species is just plain crazy...

Link's fingers were drumming on the table and Grandma Namaki could almost see his nervous energy. That boy was wound up tighter than a shank knot. "Perhaps it's for the best," Grandma said, "You never have learned how to control what comes out of your mouth and you did say all you two did was argue so-"

"So you can see why I'm not interested in finding another girl-."

"Who said anything about finding a girl?"

Shaking his head, Link sighed. I'm doomed. he thought and let his head thunk onto the table.

"There's a festival on Windfall in a few days..." Grandma offered.

"I'd rather not," Link said with his head stil on the table. "Maybe I'll become a monk."

"Oh, you're exaggerating, women are not that bad."

Link only grunted.

"So that's your decision then? You're just going to stay here on the island and bury your head in the sand?"


"That's ridiculous, you're far too young to be giving up on everything. Besides your brooding is childish and unbecoming of your Title."

Link's head came up with a snap. He stood and struck a heroic pose saying, "Well we certainly don't want to be unbecoming. How may the great and powerful, Hero of the Winds be of assistance, oh wise and venerable one?" and bowed before his Grandma.

Picking up her ladle, Grandma Namaki thwacked her grandson on the back of his still bowed head.


"Being cheeky isn't attractive, Link, your moping and sarcasm are starting to get on my nerves. Iíve been patient with your little drama up until now. Iím not feeling very patient anymore. You need to move on. Like or not you have a responsibility to uphold that Title," and she pointed to a small paper bound package tied up with string. "Now, I want you to take this book and these papers to your sister."

"I'm still not staying for the festival, Grandma."

"Of course youíre not, dear," Grandma said.

"Why do I have the feeling I'm being set up for something?"

"Maybe it's your suspicious nature, Grandson. I hear that happens when you hang around shifty pirates for years on end," she said as she waggled the ladle at him. Link took a step back not wanting to thwacked again, Grandma never missed.

"Does it matter when I leave?" Link asked, eyes never leaving her weapon.

"The sooner the better, they will be closing the school down during the festival and she'll need them before then. Oh, and take this too," Grandma Namaki said handing him a bottle.

Eying the silvery liquid inside suspiciously, Link gave the bottle a little shake, asking, "What is it?"

"It's a special recipe I brewed up."

"Well that narrows it down. You aren't going to tell me are you..."

"Tell you what, dear?" she asked ending that line of questioning and handed him a second bottle. This one was filled with a familiar golden liquid.

"And this one is for..."

"The potion shop," Grandma Namaki replied.

"Doc Bandam?"

Grandma Namaki shrugged. "He's been writing me constantly for a 'sample' of my best elixier soup," she said. Cocking an eyebrow Link opened his mouth to ask another question but just as quickly shook his head while tucking the bottles into his pack.

"Is it alright if I leave early tomorrow?"

"That's fine dear, just make sure to get those papers to Aryll first thing."


Somewhere on the Great Sea: 36 hours Pre-Festival

Gonzo was listening with half an ear to the other pirates groaning at the thought of being out for two months. From his place at the helm, Gonzo watched Tetra approaching the bow. After hopping up on the forward gunswail, she sat watching the sea slip by. This probably wouldn't be the best time to remind her of her promise to the crew of some much needed shore leave. Tetra could likely use some herself as Gonzo noticed Tetra's lost and lonely expression. Link was gone six months now and Tetra hadn't mentioned him once. It was as if Link Namaki was dead and Tetra was grieving. Gonzo knew Miss Tetra didn't want to admit sending Link away might have been a mistake and she refused to talk about it, even with Nudge.

Someting unnatural must have come between them, Gonzo decided. He'd been sure there wasn't anything that could bust those two up. Now Tetra sat staring at the water, refusing to look at the spot Link would always take across from her. Deciding his Captain needed a little R&R, Gonzo took to plotting how he would get Miss Tetra to enjoy some of the upcoming Windfall Market Festival.

Waving Mako over, Gonzo leaned close and told the older pirate of his plan. Mako took a step back and regarded the first mate over his glasses. Senza, who was only a few steps away, grunted and nodded his approval. They were shortly joined by Nudge, who also agreed. The four conspirators spit on the deck to seal the deal and Mako took a deep breath before he approached the Captain. The other three stood at the helm loudly discussing the weather. All turned to look down at the main deck when they heard Miss Tetra shouting at Mako.

"What do you mean we're almost out of fresh water? How did this happen?"

Shrugging the older pirate replied, "Well, Miss, you didn't leave us enough time to refill before that last mission. We left port before the water vendor opened."

Tetra paused and cocked an eyebrow at Mako. "Is that so?"

"Yes, Miss."

"Fine, thank you Mako for bring it to my attention."

"Yes, Miss."


Gonzo stood straighter hearing his name. Calling back he replied, "Yes, Miss?"

"Where's the nearest port with a water vendor?"

"Windfall, Miss."

"Alright, let's turn about." Tetra studied the stars above her until her eyes settled on a paticular spot in the sky. Turning toward the crew on deck she began shouting orders. "ALL HANDS PREPARE TO READY ABOUT!" The order was echoed further up the decks and pirates were scrambling to pinch the sails in time with the turn. When everyone reached their assignments, Tetra paused in front of the helm. Looking back up at the clear night sky she raised her left arm pointing toward true north. She measured out about 45 degrees with her right shouting, "HARD ALEE ON MY MARK! THREE, TWO, ONE, MARK!" Turning the wheel, Gonzo paid close attention as Tetra kept her eyes on the northern sky. When her left arm reached her right she shouted, "MARK - HOLD THE LINE!"

Spinning the wheel back to its nuetral position, Gonzo held it steady as the sails were trimmed and the pirate ship picked up speed.

"Estimate?" Tetra asked.

"I'd say no more than eight hours, if the winds holds."

"That sounds about right. I'll double check our position in a bit. Where's Senza?" Tetra paused as the pirate in question approached her. "I'll need an inventory and cost sheet of what we'll need in supplies to be asea for at least two months. Have Nudge bring me a list of whatever saleable junk we've picked up that he thinks Zunari will buy."

"Yes, Miss," Senza said, disappeared below with the other larger pirate.

"Gonzo," Tetra said as she came up behind him, "What's going on, we're not running out of water by a long shot."

"I don't know what you mean, Miss."

"This is about the shore leave isn't it." When he didn't respond, Tetra said, "Fine, you babies can have your leave, but no more than 48 hours then we're shoving off."

"Yes, Miss."

"And Gonzo, you better make sure we have enough soap, since you'll be handling the laundry instead of Niko for the next four weeks."

Gonzo groaned inwardly and replied, "Yes, Miss." When Tetra went below to check on her charts, Gonzo sighed to himself and thought, Well at least we're heading in the right direction.

so ends part one - doh!

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star_breaker says:

Nice. I've never actually played the Wind Waker, but I lknow enoguh to guess about the characters and stuff. So far, so good.

Koroks Rock says:

You've never played WW? horror.gif It's such a ridiculously good game! *grumble grumble*

Really, for achitka's stories, I think WW does more towards giving us an idea what stuff looks like than where to base our story speculations. That part of what makes her such a good fanfic writer.