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The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time The Novel

By Dragon Warrior
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Chapter 1: Link

*Yes it’s me! I’ve decided to abandon my current fanfic “The Legend of Tetra” and attempt to do a novelization of OoT since I’m well better at Novelization. Okay enjoy! Also I’ll be improvising some of the lines since I can’t find a decent script and plus I’m not sitting at my gamecube just to get the stooped lines*

Thunder lashed through the skies and rain poured from the heavens but she didn’t care. She snuggled the small bundle in her arms closer to her body and pulled the reins of her horse harshly. She looked back grief stricken as her castle, her home burnt away. She sobbed slightly and continued to ride. She never looked back. She was fleeing, fleeing to the one place where her baby would be safe. She didn’t care what would happen to her as long as the child survived.

She stopped outside a forest entrance. She had only heard stories of the Kokiri Woods but she knew once she entered she would never leave. She held the bundle closer and stepped into the woods.

Her footsteps echoed slightly as she walked into the meadow. It held a giant tree and its branches and leaves made the forest. She shook slightly. Now she was feeling the wounds she had sustained. She struggled to the tree and fell near its trunk.

“Child, why hath thou comeith here?”

She looked up to the great tree, her eyes exhausted but still sparkling blue.

“I have brought my child here to be saved from this war. Please Great Deku Tree…I beg of you please raise my son.”

“Doing this child, thou must know that thou shall becomith a part of this forest.”

“Yes, I know…”


“Very well, children of the woods. Please take this child under your wing.”

Two small children appeared from the forest garbed in green. A young girl with green hair and a young boy with a green cap covering his mop of brown hair. They lifted the small child and began cooing at it.

“What’s the child’s name, miss?”

The woman nodded her head. She knew the perfect name, one to reflect courage but also friendship and kindness.

“Link…His name is Link…” she said quietly before closing her eyes. A green light enveloped her and a small tree took her place.

The children looked at the small child called Link brushing her bright yellow hair out his face.

The Deku Tree remained silent, the words of the woman ringing through his mind.

I beg of you raise my son…

9 years later

Two boys were fighting in the middle of the small village. One had a very snobby look on his face and had freckles around his nose. The other was a boy with bright blonde hair and brilliant blue eyes. The both of them looked extremely angry each other. A small pink fairy was bobbing around them apparently trying to attack the blonde.

“THAT IS ENOUGH!” screamed a girl’s voice.

A green haired girl stepped in between them and pulled them up by their pointy ears. They yelped in pain as she did this and folded their arms in disbelief.

“Now Link what happened this time?” she said facing the blonde.

“Hmph ask the Great Mido! I’m sure he has your answers!” he snapped angrily.

The girl rolled her eyes and looked at “The Great Mido”.

“Okay Mido…What did you say this time?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” he said slyly.

She pulled his ear harder and he let out a loud yelp.

“Okay, Halfling still has no fairy-“

“STOP CALLING ME THAT!!” shouted Link lunging at Mido.

“-and today he thought he was being tough starting a fight with me since I have a fairy!”

“That’s not true and you know. He wouldn’t let me see the Great Deku Tree unless I have a Deku Shield and a sword. Then he continued to call me those names.”

The girl sighed and released the boys. She shook her head.

“Mido you can go. Link just go home for a bit. Try going for a sleep to steam down…”

Mido sniffed loudly as Link went towards his tree.

“Saria won’t be there to protect you forever Halfling!”

Link walked away small tears forming in his eyes.

I’m no Halfling. I’ll get a fairy just wait Mido!

He climbed into his tree house and pulled his green cap off and placed it on a dresser. He stretched and climbed into his bed. He fell asleep almost instantly. He felt himself slipping into a dream.

He was standing in front of a large castle with a dark cloud looming overhead. He looked around.

“How’d I get here?”

He heard a sound from behind him and barely managed to jump out the way as a great white stallion. A dark woman held onto a small girl who looked at Link, like she had something to tell but she wore a frightened looked and he soon found out why. He turned around to see a dark man riding a black horse. He looked at Link and laughed. Link watched in horror as the man prepared a magical blast in his hand…

Link shivered in his sleep and turned over unbeknownst that a terrible evil had entered the forest.

“Navi, come hither.”

A small blue fairy appeared in front of the tree. She wore a tattered outfit and had long blue hair that was floating around her and a faint blue appeared around her.

“Navi, go to the boy without a fair. Bring him here.”

“Yes Great Deku Tree.”

The fair flew off looking for the boy without a fairy. She looked frantically until she found his tree. She flew there as fast as she could only to fly into a fence. She shook herself and flew into the tree house.

Link remained asleep and was still shivering in his sleep.

“Link wake up! Come on the Great Deku wishes to meet you.”

Link made a small hand beat and turned around. The fairy turned red slightly and began flying near his.

“Oh come on does the fate of the forest really lie in the hands of such a lazy boy!”

He stretched and sat up and yawned. He rubbed his eyes and looked at the fairy. He blinked twice and rubbed his eyes again.

“A fairy?” he asked sleepily.

“Yes I am now c’mon! The Great Deku Tree is in danger.”

“Really let’s go!”

Link jumped of his bed and climbed down the stairs to find Saria sitting at the base. She saw him and stood up with her hands behind her back. He jumped down and looked at her.

“I…uh bought you a little something…” she said sheepishly holding out her arms.

Link held his arms in wonder. She held a small wooden shield with the kokiri symbol etched in red. She also held a small sword in a blue scabbard with a small jewel in its helm.

“Saria you didn’t-“

“Actually I bought the shield….the sword however I got from Mido.”

“How’d you…?”

“Don’t ask!”

She handed them to Link and smiled. She watched as he walked away waving. He now had a sword, shield and most importantly, a fairy. He walked towards the grotto entrance to the Great Deku Trees meadow. Standing in front was Mido with his hand held out.

“Where do you think your going Halfling?”

“Who you calling Halfling!? I have a fairy now.”

Navi appeared from behind Link waving at Mido. Mido stared dumbstruck as the fairy flitted about his face.

“You’re still not getting through until you have a sword and shield!”

“Ahem!” Link said pointing at his back.

“A Deku Shield and…MY kokiri sword! How’d you get my sword?”

“Saria gave me them!”

“Umph well once a wimp always a wimp. On you go…” said Mido stepping aside.

Link smiled and walked into the grotto.


“Welcome Link…” came a deep wizened voice

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Comments on this chapter

Koroks Rock says:

You dropped a couple of letters... for example, her should be here, fair should be fairy. I hate those kind of typos, they're so easy to miss.

I like that you're being liberal with the story, good luck with the retelling.

Dragon Warrior says:

Thanks and sorry about the typos. Didn't mean them!

star_breaker says:

Good, but add a little detail, and it'll be excellent. I love OoT!

Dragon Warrior says:

Am tryin' but A think the first chapter came out really well!

Person says:

I find it unusual that OoT is the most frequently novelized story out of them all, but most of the stories are verbatim descriptions of the game, minus the "Press Z to target!" dialogue. Try to include situations and characters that wouldn't be present in the game. Also, try to give Link some character. It is boring to read about the exact same Link that we play as in the game.

Try to deviate from the game a little bit, and try to include only the scarcest elements of the stroy, just so that it recognizable as OoT, but not a verbatim description of the game itself.

Also, the Great Deku Tree's pseudo-archaic language needs some tuning. He's speaking in the present tense, but you're using the past tense forms of the old English verbs.

For example, "Why hath thou comeith here?" should read, "Why art thou come here?" or "Why hast thou come here?"

And "thou shall becomeith" should read, "thou shalt become" because "becomeith" isn't a real word.

The story needs a bit of fine tuning in the grammar department, but is an ambitious project that I look forward to reading.

Good Luck!

Dragon Warrior says:

Me not know many old English words despite coming from the UK! Anyway I'll take that into account and plus it's only the first chapter. I hope to make it interesting with my own ideas. 2nd chapter should be finished soon. I just gotta juggle being at school and being at college so everything has been mental! So hopefully soon.

Chaltab says:

Not bad, but I think Person summed up my thoughts on the story completely. Pay attention to the man!