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The Triforce Genaration

By Dins_Daughter
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Chapter 1: Peace to Chaos

Author's Note: Later on, I might end up changing things in the game and may end up brining in a few things from the manga, although I may have changed it a touch.

All had been calm in Castle Town after Ganondorf's defeat, and nothing seemed to be out of place. The once destroyed town had been rebuilt, nearly identical to the last, except that the castle was moved, and someone snuck into the Temple of Time, and to say the least, it went boom, then crumble, the Spiritual Stones were retrieved, and since then a stature in honour of the Temple of Time and it's role it played in Ganondorf's defeat, but enough month-old history, let's get to the point.

Sheik was walking through Castle Town as she normally did in the evening, she had been seen around Hyrule more and more lately, and Zelda was seen less and less. Something moved in the shadows nearby as she walked through an alleyway, although all was quiet, she had reason to be careful, you never knew these days, you just never knew.

Sheik looked around, but a hand muffled her, and she couldn't make a sound, he arms were held behind her back by scaly skin, the skin of a Lizalfos. She got desperate, and spun around, freeing her mouth while her wrist made a quiet cracking noise.

"Link! Help!" she screamed before being grabbed by another Lizalfos.

Link was crouched on a rooftop, a black haired red eyed girl standing behind him, when he heard Sheik; he looked back at the girl, before he stood and they jumped off the roof before they started running towards the alleyway. Link unsheathed the Master Sword as the girl unsheathed two black-bladed daggers. Once they turned the corner, the girl heard the Lizalfos hissing in their own language, a language she was fluent in.

"Where shall we take this one?" One hissed to the other, in their own language.

"One of the last Sheikha? I'm sure master will be proud" the other hissed, they were still speaking in Lizalfos, but the girl recognised the second voice.

"Master is not proud!" she hissed in Lizalfos at them as they came into view, and smacked the one who was muffling Sheik, and she hopped over to them, as the other Lizalfos went down to one knee. Link was hesitant to hit it, but killed it anyway.

"You okay?" He asked Sheik when they had left the alleyway and were headed back to the square

"I think my wrist snapped, but I'm otherwise fine" Sheik replied, unfortunately, her right wrist was the one that seemed to be broken, and she was yes, right handed.

"Now what will we do?" the girl asked "We're not going to be able to-" she stopped "to find you-know-who"

"I don't know Aqua, I don't know" Sheik replied, holding her right wrist, Link felt a pang of guilt rush through him, guilt he had never felt before, but worse had happened before, right? Why when Sheik breaks her wrist does he feel guilty? He was unsure, but then again, Sheik had been planning for the last two weeks to go off to find this person she refused to tell their name.

"I hope he will survive" Aqua muttered "just long enough" anyone could tell that she was worried "I will start on my own if I must, I will not abandon him!" she said aloud before running off.

Once Link got Sheik back to the castle, she transformed back to Zelda and walked up to her room, Link following a little behind her. After a bit of walking, they opened the door to her room and walked in slowly, Zelda sat on her bed, still holding her wrist, every time she moved it pain shot through her hand, her wrist, up her arm, to her shoulder, up her neck, stopping just below her chin, she looked down, how could I be so stupid? She asked herself, she moved her hand and saw that her wrist had started swelling, and then a voice rang from the corner

"I've been waiting..."

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Koroks Rock says:

Your style of voice is problematic. Be sure to read your sentences aloud to make sure they make sense. Also, you have a few typos and some formatting trouble.

Dins_Daughter says:

Thanks, I'm working on the voice, I have a feeling it's the way I talk, eather that or I've just gotten to used to it in the countless ill-literate role-plays I've been involved in lately, I think I've gotten out the typos and spelling errors, I think.

kentill(linksdaughter) says:

ok ,there are three poeple right?

starfgh/zelda says:

Yes...I think