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Those Seven Years

By Petman1325
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Chapter 1: Hyrule Castle Town

This is before the seven years slumber. Zelda and Link are watching Ganon introduce himself to the King of Hyrule. Zelda has a lot of suspicion, so she sends Link to go look for the Spiritual Stones. During those weeks, the King of Evil set an alliance with the King of Hyrule.

When Link had just come back the alliance was almost complete. Zelda gave Link another key to the Triforce, the Ocarina of Time. Link took the Spiritual Stones, placed them on the alter, played the Song of Time, and opened the Door of Time. He took the Master Sword, not knowing that he opened the door to the Sacred Realm.

Now this is the actual slumber of Link. Ganondorf went to the Temple of Light in the Sacred Relm and found the sacred Triforce. He carefully took the Triforce out of the sacred pillars that support it. He hollered with an evil roar, "I have done it! I am the new ruler of Hyrule!!"

When Ganondorf touched this sacred object, it ascended high into the sky and started rapidly spinning. Then one of the three triangles that make up the Triforce went on the back of his hand. The other two pieces flew into an abyss. The seven sages found him and took captive of him. But he was smart and tried out the Triforce of Power. His hand glowed with a golden shine and he shot a massive beam from his hand. One sage had died, his body smashed on the wall in the shape of a perfect triangle. He killed two more and those smashed bodies looked like the Triforce, only bloodier. He started for the door.

Three more sages approached him. "You dare approach me?" Ganondorf said. "Then die under the Triforce of Power!" He used the Triforce of Power and a huge knife came out of his hand. The sages were about to use a magic attack when Ganondorf took his knife and cut off one of the Sage's arms. They then stopped. That sage bled to death. The other two combined their powers to create a massive ball of energy. They fired the massive ball, hoping that it would send Ganondorf to his grave. But as quick as a flash, he swung his sword and reflected it back. The two sages were turned into ashes. He then got out of the Sacred Realm.

Ganondorf escaped the Temple of Time and went into Hyrule Castle town. He went to Hyrule Castle to finish the 'alliance.' When a guard spotted him, he used his newly received knife and, with precision aim, destroyed the guard where he stood, leaving a bloody mess. He hovered over to the King of Hyrule. He held him hostage, saying that if any guard moved, the Royal Family would end in the bloodiest way possible. One guard was deaf and approached him. The Gerudo leader pulled his knife back, ending the king in the bloodiest way. He blasted the decapitated head at the guard that moved, saying, "You want your king, well here he is!" He turned the headless body into a massive projectile and took out all the guards one by one. When he left, the room had a new blood colored paint, the floor full of organs, and he went to Hyrule Castle Town. He destroyed the entire castle in one huge ball of energy.

He yelled at the citizens, but their chatting never stopped. So he shot one person by throwing a knife at him, and blood came out his chest. He yelled, "You have three hours to leave, or you will suffer like the King of Hyrule." Only the shop keepers and a few lucky people left the city. There were some shoppers that wouldn't leave, so he "took care of 'em." He took a beam of energy and cleared a straight line, killing everyone in it's path. He then took out the biggest knife you will ever live to see (Nobody lived to tell the tale, so nobody else knew how large it was.) and flames came out of it. It was the perfect device to destroy all of the buildings. And he did, he destroyed every building in that town. Everyone that died became a Redead and loomed endlessly at the horrors of their town and swore that they would kill any Hylian or Goron or Gerudo or Zora or anything like that who entered that area.

Ganon built a massive castle in thirty seconds that overlooked all of Hyrule. He was the King of Evil, but he needed a castle. He took his hand and generated a castle that hovered over a volcano of doom and despair. The only structures still standing were Ganon's Castle and the Temple of Time...

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  • Chapter 1: Hyrule Castle Town

Comments on this chapter

Iron Knuckle says:

You got a few very ugly spelling mistakes here. Also spelling Ganondorf with nn is not a good idea. Next the tribes are called: Gerudo and Zora (without the n). Also watch out with past tenses; glew -> glowed and swong -> swung. Other than that, it's pretty readable to me.

Sage_of_Sorrow says:

You used the word 'blood' and 'bloody' alot, it got kinda annoying.

darklinkbeta200 says:

sorry but it's kind of boring

cuttielink404 says:

its violent AND educational