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The Legend of Zelda: Secrets of evil

By mudd
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Chapter 1: proluge

This is but one legend told in hyrule...

Once,about 7000 ears ago, a wind mag named Vaati terrororized Hyrule, capturing ne maiden after another. A boy named Link sealed the Minish mage in the Four sword, created by the Minish.

About a century later Vaati was freed by a tricked Link. Link, along with his three partners, defeated Vaati, but Vaati died under unknown cirrcumstances.

Was that the end of evil? No. A new evil named Ganon, who was far more powerful than Vaati, was sealed in the four sword. With the sword sealed in the goldn land forever.

Ganon raided hyrule time and time again, now the master of all evil and darkness. The gerudo king Ganndorf became the ultimate evil Ganon. Dying again and again.

By the time of Ganon's last death, now a true master of dark alcamy, the dark king imprisened his power in th Dark crystal, Ganon's most powerful creation. His remains in a dark canister.

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  • Chapter 1: proluge