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After the reign of Twilight

By 4evrLinks13
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Chapter 1: Seemingly Forgotten

Hyrule was silent, dazed in a deep slumber as the very rim of the sun had just made it's way ore the hills. Princess Zelda and her horse, Pirate, were in Hyrule Field alone and lost in the twilight hour of the morning. (Twilight, just before or just after. when the fullest of power is slowly fading away)
The princess was restless and somwhat sorrowed deeply. She gazed upon the castle with an emotionless face, and blue eyes the color of sapphires which shouted out of her depression. "Itsn't it just lovley, pirate?" She patted the black horse's mane and continued to stare at her castle. "Father will be angry with me when he finds that I have strayed away from the castly, once Impa comes to check upon me. I've become so numb to his lectures and care for me" She sighed.
A tear trickled down her pale face and onto the soft mesh ground. She showed no sighn that she was crying or even breathed as heavily as one would when crying. She kept the dame emotionless face she had always kept. it had been three years after Hyrule was saved by the Reborn Hero Of Time, who had put his life on the line to prevent Hyrule falling into a fate that was to be overshadowed by twilight.
Zelda began to softly sing a verse from a song "You won't cry for my absence i know, You forgot me long ago. Am I that unimportant? Am I that unsignifigant? isn't somthing missing? isn't someone missing me? Even thoug i'm the sacrifice, you won't try for me not now. though i'd die to know you you love me, i'm all alone. Isn't someone missing me?"
Her melodious singing voice trailed off and it grew silent. Her hylian ears alerted her that someone was near. Zelda then mounted pirate. "sorry I kept you from your sleep pirate let's go home now" she said as turned around ready to attack if needed. "Your song, it's beautyful" she heard a familliar voice say. could it possibly be? She turned around to see Link astride his radiant mare, Epona! Seeing his face again made her somwhat nervous and scared insode.
"Hello Link, Can't find it in yourself to rest either?" She said, now finding it difficult to keep her facial emotions hidden from the world. Link seen it in her eyes that she was troubled. "It's been so long since i've seen you. You have not changed a bit" Link said sheepishly. "You too, Link, so How are you and Ilia? and ch-childred from you two yet? They are glad to have you as their father-" Zelda was cut off by Link who looked away from her and said "well, no, no children" Link said with a terste reply.
"Well I figured, you know, since you betrothed two weeks afer Hyrule was saved" Zelda said and turned her face from his. "We didn't wed either. I just couldn't find it in myself to say those two simple words 'I do' to her" Link said. "i'm sorry to hear that, Link. you'll find someone later on in the years- i realy must be going now" Zelda said and rode off astride pirate. "Zelda! wait" he exclaimed. in the blink of an eye, he and Epona cought up and stopped her.
"I wasn't finished. Just please listen to what i have left to say" Link said, his blue eyes pierced a hole into hers until they were locked on eachother. "What do you have to say? I just don't want to talk anymore. Another three years will pass and the same thing will happen" Zelda said as a tear trickled down her cheeck. "What will happen? " Link asked, now very cocerned. "I-i just don't want to talk about it, not to you- especiall you, that's the thing" was all she could say.
Link said nothing and dismounted Epona and bowed. Zelda then remmebered the way she bowed to him and said those now spine chilling words which she whispered softly. "Hero chosen by the godesses, lend us the last of your power" She dismounted her steed and took his hand. "The words: Isn't someone missing me? I was the one who was missing you for three years" Link confessed. "but why did thou wait three years? That was three years of depression, three years of hiding my depression, and three years..." She stopped for s moment, "without you" Both of them said at the same time.
"Even the Hero Chosen By The goddesess, Also the beholder of the Triforce Of Courage, get's scared sometime" Link replied and put a rough brown lether gloved hand on her soft pale face. He felt her soft satin gloved hand gently touch his face.
"I just don't know what to say-" Zelda was once more cut off by Link, "There are not words for a moment like this" Those very words brought the chills back into her spine...
THE END!!!! :-)

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  • Chapter 1: Seemingly Forgotten