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Team Dark

By Vaati_Lover
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Chapter 1: Chapter one: Wrong time, right place

It was a sunny day, birds singing and bees buzzing. I was eating ice cream as I heard a plane fly overhead. Although I usually look up to see what it is, I ignored the deafening roar. I did not take notice of a boy from the same plane, nor to the fact that I was licking a stick. The boy; whose name was Robin, hid behind a tree, making sure that he was not seen. I continued to lick the stick, my mind on something else. Hey, I thought this was chocolate and vanilla, not wood! I thought, soon realizing that I ate all the ice cream there. I knew that would blush if someone saw that, although somebody was watching. I walked inside (since it was getting dark!) and threw away the stick, as I slumped into my bed. I squeezed Sesshom; my beloved tiny black rabbit, as enfolded myself in my blankets. “I guess if someone wants to kidnap me, I should be prepared for it, although I think that will never happen... I’m not as pretty as the other girls. I’m just a girl who thinks her dreams will come true...” I whispered to no one in particular, although Robin will have none of it. ‘I do not think so,’ Robin mouthed, making sure he did not say it aloud. He wanted this thing to be over swift and trouble-free, but as soon as he picked me up; he hesitated, looking deep into my closed eyes. A deep voice shouted from nowhere, startling Robin and waking me up. Robin set me back down and hid in my closet rapidly and silently as I arose from my bed. “Huh? I thought I heard a voice... must be nothing.” I mumbled, falling back asleep before Robin sighed. The same voice from before shouted again; this time at the terrified boy, as if trying to give away Robin’s hiding spot.

“What are you doing, boy? You’re taking too long! You don’t want me to come and do the job for you, do you?” the voice yelled, as Robin quivered when he heard the last line.

“N-no sir... I was h-hiding... I didn’t w-want her to s-see me...” Robin stumbled, not knowing that he broke a rule.

“WHAT?!? Alright, boy, I’m coming, so you had better have a good hiding spot! I will be looking for you!”

“But sir...”

“Don’t you ‘but sir’ me, boy! I will be coming, and that’s that!” It seemed like this man will not have anything from Robin, as if the man hated him. Robin shivered again, realizing that he would be punished for failing another mission.

A massive man burst through the door, walking over to me and picking me up. He looked around the room, searching for Robin. “Alright, boy, show yourself! You cannot hide forever, you know!” the man shouted, as if to know where Robin was hiding. After an awkward stillness, the man sighed and calmed down. “I guess he’s not here.” The man acknowledged, pretending to look away. Robin thought this could be an excellent time for a getaway, as he tiptoed towards the door.

A crack of a whip made Robin jump, as he was afraid of such things; and look directly at the man. “Heh. How did I know this would happen? Oh yeah... You do this every day!” The man stated, laughing evilly afterwards. Robin didn’t have time to think, as his feet were already running to the exit. He didn’t have to think about what would happen: he knew what would happen to him. As if on cue, a boy and a girl grabbed the scared boy’s arms; holding him down. Although Robin was struggling for freedom, the two continued to hold him down as the man prepared to punish him. Soon, screams fused with the cracks from a whip; each scream bringing tears to my eyes. After what seemed to be an hour, the man spoke calmly; although he had an evil smirk across his face. “You ready to admit defeat, boy?” He said quickly; ready to continue if Robin answered with a no. I have now awoken from my sleep, quickly seeing Robin in the position of failure-and tears were brought to my eyes from this dreadful incident. The weak and trembling boy sighed, ready to accept defeat.

“I failed you, sir...” Robin whispered through his tears, allowing himself to droop onto the floor. The boy holding Robin smiled evilly, soon laughing at the panting boy.

“You thought that Gonma and me would not be here, didn’t you? Hah!” The evil boy smirked, motioning for Gonma to move.

“Yeah. Ganon and I are always going to be waiting. You should know that by now, Robin.” Gonma laughed, dragging the fatigued boy with Ganon. I grew irritated at these two for treating a boy so rottenly; as if they’re dragging a backpack, and not a powerless boy. I bounced out of the blanket and onto Ganon and Gonma, carrying Robin on my back; bringing him to the nearest room and hiding in a closet. I placed my hand to his chest, sighing after feeling the steady beating from his heart. I waited patiently for Robin to become conscious, as I saw his remarkable sapphire-blue eyes. Along with his golden-yellow hair, he looked a lot like Link. Robin first saw my caring smile, then my emerald-green eyes. “Huh? You saved me... even though I deserved that punishment... even though I deserve to be hated...” Robin wondered, not knowing the emotion he was feeling. I shook my head and continued to smile, as I knew Robin was denying the fact that he was happy.

“No. You didn’t deserve such punishment. You don’t deserve to be hated. I don’t hate you. I... I want to be your friend.” I answered, bothered about what I was saying. Robin’s eyes seemed to sparkle from tears, as if he was about to cry. Robin threw his arms around me, embracing me in a firm hug. He cried and cried, feeling cheerful about what I said. Someone actually wants to be my friend! Robin thought, sobbing his weak, little heart out. He wiped away the tears that remained, along with any that got on me. Robin nodded his head and hugged me again, ready to whisper something. “I want to be your friend, too.” Robin whispered, pulling himself away from me. We both heard a door open, accompanied with a crack from the whip. Robin jumped and hid behind me, shivering at the sound. “P-please keep m-me from h-him, miss...” Robin whimpered, still being as polite as possible. I nodded my head and was ready to walk out, before Robin stopped me. “Please stay safe...” I smiled at this: before I was worried about the boy, now he was worrying about me!

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Vaati_Lover says:

Guys. Please, comment. I didn't make this as a space filler.
Read it and comment on it.
Tell me if I should continue or not.

hauu13 says:

Could use a little more description on how the characters look, but other than that it's good!

Vaati_Lover says:

Ah, alright. In the third chapter I'll try to add more details.