Fan Fiction

In the Land of Legends

By Moonlight Princess
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Chapter 2: Special

2. Special

He spoke to the fairy that had eagerly given us their names earlier.

"Navi, why don't you tell her? I really don't understand it all that well myself." He said to her and the blue light bobbed over me, landing neatly on my nose.

She was magnificent. She was not the well-groomed beautiful that I was accustomed to but beautiful like a wild flower is beautiful. Black hair was everywhere on her head, tousled and curled. She had turqouise lips and black pupils, no white in her eys at all. She was slender but I didn't know if she would be considered tall or not.

My red eyes focused solely on her and her high soprano, she began.

"Rosalynn. You are so special. Do you know why?" She asked me and I noticed that she had accent I found fascinating. I hadn't noticed it arlier because it was only noticeable when she spoke slowly.

I absently yanked on the elbow-length leather gloves I wore. They were fingerless and seemed to compliment my midnight blue skin. They were stylish and helpful when fighting, which was a rare but wonderful occurance I had decided, but I loved them most because they covered the golden triangle on my wrist.

"Rosalynn," she said, her voice warm, "You were meant for something bigger than tea parties and being hid away."

"How did you-" I started to ask, amazed at her knowledge of my life.

"I know lots of things. Even more than you know about yourself." She said cooly and she continued her speech before I had time to become creeped out. "This is why Link and I have traveled here. To deliver the stone to your sister and to ask you to assist us in the most important quest Hyrule has ever seen."

Quest? Umm, the biggest 'quest' I had ever been on was the the trip to the dungeons when I was six. Nearly six years ago!

"Yeah, you guys are awesome with the whole breaking onto the castle grounds thing going on, but I have stuff to do." I said, sticking my palms up defensively.

Yeah, like repaint my walls.

Zelda gave me a 'yeah, right' look and Link looked at me inquisitively. Navi copied Zelda's look

"Honey, I hate to break it to you, but forces bigger than us are at work here." Navi said.

I stared at her. Then Link. Then Zelda.

"Maybe I-" I started to speak and then the words that twisted my fate were spoken.

"ROSALYNN! WHERE IS THE ROYAL FAMILY'S ANCIENT JEWLED DAGGER?" came the boom of my father's voice from the main hallway.

"Zelda, hang onto that stone. It's important!" Navi said hurriedly to my sister and then the fairy looked at me pleadingly. She and Link were already running to the sloped walls that would let them exit the castle.

For a split second I fingered the beautiful dagger I had borrowed from the family heirloom's vault.

"Hey, wait up!" I screamed and I ran after the boy and his fairy.