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In the Land of Legends

By Moonlight Princess
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Chapter 3: Castle Town

3. Castle Town

"So you decided to accompany us?" Navi said conversationally as we ran along the concrete walls of the castle.

I raised an eyebrow at her. We had scrambled up there after a few moments of unorganized ecsape from the gaurds and we found it to be much easier than avoiding people. I walked on it as I would a flat surface; I was used to scaling this famaliar stone wall.

Link was silent, balancing on the ledge in front of me. He had both of his arms out to balance himself but his knees constantly wobbled. The fourth time he nearly tipped over the side I ran forward, grabbing his arm and throwing him behind me.

For a second there was nothing underneath my feet as I swung around him, using him for leverage.

"What was that for?" He pouted, his bottom lip protruding as he stared up at me. Cute. . . His thick blond hair flopped in his eyes and I absently bit my lip when I went to help him up.

I decided to continue my conversation with Navi.

"Who was I to fight Fate?" I shrugged. She stared at me for a moment and then smiled. She sat perched on my shoulder now.

"Plus, I didn't want to give my nice, new dagger back." I grinned at her and she answered me with tinkling laughter.

"Hey, I know it must be awesome having your girl chat up there but can you two pick up the pace? I'm about to step on your heels." Link had crept up on us, making me jump.

"Girlie? Coming from the boy who wears a dress?" I said innocently.

He glared at me, his blue eyes becoming chunks of swirling dark ice. He obviously wasn't used to girls or, at least, girls who talked back.

"Your wearing one, too. So its obviously for boys." He said evenly. Ohh, he was good. But not as good as me.

I tilted my head, half-lidding my eyes and staring at him. He stared at me for a moment with awestruck look on his face. His cheeks reddened and I smiled softly at him.

This worked with the Termian prince when he insulted my hair. I just had fool him into thinking I was going to back off. . .

"Look, I-" He began stepping towards me his hand outstretched.

I grabbed his hand and threw him into one of the bushes that outside the castle gate.

"Oh, look. We're outside the castle now." I said to him in a mock-suprised tone. He climbed out of the bush and spat out a leaf.

Time Lapse: Twenty Minutes

"So this is Castle Town?" I asked Link, trying to take everything in at once. I spun in a small circle.

Adults and children bustled about constantly bumping into each other but nobody said "excuse me". There was a huge mixture of voices, most yelling about something they were selling. Cucco's sqwauked and dog's barked.

This was so different from the stiff, boring world I was accustomed to!

Link obviously had some kind of appreciation for this place though it was apparent that he was as unfamaliar with this place as me. He looked like somebody coming home for the first time and now he was presenting it to a new homecomer.

As I stared, big-eyed, at a man selling the biggest clay jars I had ever seen Link muttered to me, "Its probably not as good as the castle but-"

"It's amazing." I breathed and his ears turned pink.

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