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The Heroes and The Dark Princess

By Vaati_Lover
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Chapter 1: Chapter one: A Princess’s Misfortune

Red was sitting in a field of flowers, his Five Sword dug into the ground next to him. ‘Ahh, what a nice day to get away from everything! …Except Blue-kun…’He thought to himself as his name was called from a distance. “Red-Chan! Red-Chan!” Blue called to him, waving his arm in the air.
“Blue-kun! What is it, Blue-kun?” He asked.
“Shadow said he found somethin’!”
“Okay! Lead me there!”
“Right! Follow me!” Blue said, as he led Red to where Shadow, Green, and Vio were standing. He also saw a fainted girl they were trying to wake. The girl looked about the Links’ age, and wore a long, midnight-black dress. Green was holding a small crown in his hands. Red walked over to them and asked, “What happened to her?”
“I don’t know… I found her laying here and I took action… I’ve tried almost everything to wake her.” Shadow said.
“She’s most likely a princess, as the crown-” Green showed him the small crown, “-Must belong to her.”
“She is a princess, Green. It says here that she is what is called a ‘Dark Princess’. It says that a Dark Princess is ‘A princess that used her powers for revenge or evil. Many Dark Princesses don’t like to be evil, but a spirit shaped like the animal they act most like controls her actions.’”
“Isn’t there some way to wake her?”
“I’ve tried almost everything!” Shadow answered. Green’s head perked up after hearing ‘almost’.
“Almost everything? Except what?” Green asked.
“Except for…” Shadow lowered his voice to a whisper, “the kiss of life.” At this, a smile slid onto Green’s face as he approached the girl. He took a deep breath and his lips touched hers. The girl’s eyes shot open as she saw Green kissing her. She quickly closed them and enjoyed what she could of the kiss. Green pulled his head away, and the girl opened her emerald eyes as if she just woke up. “Huh? Wha… what happened?” She asked, looking into Green’s dark green eyes.
“Shadow found you laying here. Can you tell us how you got here?” Green asked, helping her up.

A young girl stood in front of a gate as she looked at a man with sorrow. “Get outta here!” The man shouted at her.
“I cannot leave! I do not want to leave, Daddy!” The girl shouted back through her tears.
“Just go! You’re not needed here, nor anywhere else!”
“Daddy… How could you…” The girl ran out the gate.

“From then on, I lived at Lake Hylia. One day, only two days ago, a giant monster rose out from the lake. I saw my father’s corpse in its mouth, and grew angry at it. I used my powers to destroy it… And my father’s last words were, ‘You are the dark princess, Magma…’”
The Links were huddled around her as they listened to her story. “Question! Why did your father come to help you if he sent you out of your village?” Red asked, raising his hand.
“Very good question, Red!” Magma congratulated, “He sent me out because he didn’t want me to know I was a princess. Before he died, he told me with his last words. I figured out I was a princess, and I just used my powers for revenge.”
“I also have a question.” Vio said, raising his hand, “If you’re a dark princess, where is the spirit that controls your actions?”
“Hm hm, I’ve been waiting for that question.” Said a mysterious voice, chuckling, “That spirit you speak of… Is right underneath you.”
Suddenly, a fox-like spirit appeared next to Vio. She had yellow-orange fur with a black tail, sharp claws projecting out from each paw, and menacing blood-red eyes. This was the orange fox spirit, Memagma. She grabbed Vio by the neck, digging her claws into his neck. “Hm hm, what a weak little body you have.” Memagma threw Vio to the ground and placed her foot on his chest. “It’ll just make things easier for me!” she slashed at his neck, leaving large scratches on his neck. Vio coughed out blood, but tried to stand up, holding his Five Sword. Unfortunately, Memagma grabbed him by the neck again and kicked him in the stomach, sending him flying to the ground as he coughed out more blood. “Tch, I was hoping for a good fight with you, Vio. It seems you have grown weak…” Memagma dug her claws into his shoulders, causing him to scream in pain.

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Princess of Twilight says:

Heh heh, "Except for...the kiss of life", this is a cool story. ^-^

Vaati_Lover says:

XD I couldn't resist that.
Thanks so much, this is my favorite story I'm making so far!