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The Heroes and The Dark Princess

By Vaati_Lover
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Chapter 2: Chapter two: Memagma, the Orange Fox Spirit

Memagma threw Vio to a tree, knocking him out-cold. She licked her fingers and looked around, prepared for her next victim. As she was distracted, Shadow ran up behind her with his sword pointed toward her. Memagma turned around and grabbed the blade of the sword easily, and swiftly kicked Shadow in the stomach, as he joined Vio on the ground, under a tree and out-cold. “Why you-!” Blue ran towards her with his sword drawn, a hint of anger on his face. Memagma stepped out of the way and grabbed Blue’s right hand and squeezed it. She retreated her bloody paw from his hand, and then grabbed his neck as her claws slowly dug into it, making the pain much worse. “Tch, the boy that always makes things worse. Let’s see what I have in store for you…” Memagma said, as she threw him to the ground. She put her foot on his chest and started slashing at various limbs, causing Blue to bleed at every spot. She removed her foot from his chest, and picked him up by the neck again. Her claws dug into his neck much quicker then before, making him wince in pain as she threw him to where Vio and Shadow were out-cold, knocking Blue out-cold as well. Now only Red and Green were left, as Memagma approached Red. “Hm hm, the scaredy cat boy wearing my favorite color. I’ll try to go easy on you.” She said, as she grabbed him by the scruff of his shirt. She smiled wickedly as she slashed at Red’s face, making him bleed at his cheeks, near his ears, and below his eyes. She threw him to the ground, but before she could place her foot on his chest, he has got up and stood behind her with his Fire Rod aimed at her. “Fire Rod!” He shouted, as a ribbon of fire came out of the rod and wrapped itself around Memagma.
“Hm hm, is that such a good idea?” She said, gesturing to Magma, whom also felt the flames of the fire.
“Wah!” Red retreated the fire, not wanting to harm Magma.
“Now that’s a good little boy.” Memagma said, as she picked him up by his neck, digging her claws into it. She took one claw and touched Red’s forehead. The claw poked through his skin as she moved it down, causing blood to be exposed. The deepest part of the scratch was at his nose, and Red was at the verge of crying from the pain. “Now, we don’t want any of that crying do we?” Memagma said, as she threw Red with the other three, rendering him out-cold. “Hm hm, only the leader left.” She came closer to Green as she picked him up by the neck of his shirt. “What exactly happened to your mother, Green?”
“She died after giving birth to Aryll! What does that have to do with you?!”
“Heh, I cursed her to die after giving birth to her last child, which just so happens to be Aryll!” Memagma said, as she dug her claws into Green’s left arm. His eyes widened with anger and pain as she threw him to the ground like the others. He moved quickly from under her foot and appeared behind her, noticing a huge, Red Crescent moon-shape on her back. “The moon-shape on Memagma’s back is her weak point! If that gets harmed at all, only she will feel that pain!” Magma shouted at Green, worrying about the others. Green nodded and stabbed his sword into the Red Crescent moon-shape quickly. Memagma screamed in pain and disappeared into the shadows, hiding under Magma.

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kudjiboy says:

*bounces* dude! update more often!

Vaati_Lover says:

One. I'm a girl.
And two. It's hard to update when the owners are not around as often.
So please, don't rush me. D: I'm trying my best to keep this story updated.