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The Heroes and The Dark Princess

By Vaati_Lover
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Chapter 3: Chapter three: A Bonding Curse

“So why can you feel Memagma’s pain?” Green asked. They were now sitting under a tree, Magma against the trunk of the tree.
“Except for her back?” Red added, his ruby eyes glowing.
“Well, listen to her name. ‘Memagma’. Remove the ‘me’ part of her name.”
“Memagma without the ‘me’ is…”
“MAGMA!!” all five Links shouted at once, their various-colored eyes filled with surprise. Magma nodded sadly to them, as her eyes filled with tears. Her shadow seemed to groan and roll its eyes as this happened. Vio and Shadow looked away, also having tears in their eyes. Red and Blue also looked away, as tears formed in their eyes. Green’s eyes were full of tears, but he wasn’t going to allow Magma to see him cry. Suddenly, Magma burst into tears and fell into Green’s lap. He became surprised and blushed slightly at this, but these emotions quickly past as he stroked Magma’s long, curly brown hair. “They tried to drown Memagma, drop her from great heights, and engulf her in flames!” Magma said, digging her head into Green’s shirt.
“It’s okay, it’s okay… That’s all over, now, Magma-san.” Green reassured, still stroking Magma’s hair. Magma looked up at Green, as he could now see her face clearly. Tears were streaming down her face, her voice weary from crying. As soon as Green saw this, he started crying himself, feeling Magma’s pain. Magma slightly smiled as tears dripped from her eyes. “T-thank you, Green-kun…” She said sheepishly, before falling asleep. Green heard what Magma called him and blushed deeply at it, but smiled slightly before falling asleep himself. As the two rested peacefully, something else appeared from Magma’s shadow. Red got up and prepared for a battle as a fox-shaped figure; a bit like Memagma, walked closer to the group. “Hehe! It’s nice to see that Magma is happy!” said a cheerful and young voice, as a female fox appeared. Her fur was pitch-black, a yellow thunderbolt-shape on her forehead. Her eyes were a sapphire-blue, yet she had the same markings as Memagma did. This was the black fox spirit, Yemagma. “You’re not… Memagma, are you?” Red asked, shivering slightly.
“Oh, of course not! Memagma is my sister! I’m Yemagma!” She introduced.
“SISTER?!?!” Shadow shouted, his silver eyes glittering with confusion.
“Yeah! Of course, one day, this horrible man casted a spell on us on the exact day Magma became a Dark Princess. While Memagma makes her day miserable, I try to stop her. Of course… with this spell on us, we can’t even see each other… Only five heroes can get rid of it…” Her voice faded away as she disappeared.

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Princess of Twilight says:

This is such a good story, I'm guessing those Five heroes are the Five Links. :-) I can't wait for the next chapter!

Vaati_Lover says:

:-3 you are correct, Princess of Twilight! And don't worry, *hopefully* I get the next chapter up!