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The Heroes and The Dark Princess

By Vaati_Lover
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Chapter 4: Ye, Me, and Hemagma

“Hm? I know that voice… Yemagma…” Magma said, arising from a long but worthwhile nap as Red told her everything that happened while she was asleep.
“So is it all true? Are Yemagma and Memagma really cursed?” Blue asked, having a hint of fear in his voice.
“Yep… And the person who cursed them also was the one who has killed my father.”
“It’s true… an evil man has cursed them and has killed my father, and did both at the same time… Of course, the only one to actually see the scene is Hemagma, Yemagma and Memagma’s only brother. He lives in a castle surrounded by blocks that can and will fall at the slightest of a touch.” Magma explained.
The Links just sat there, bewildered by the last sentence. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a white, fluffy rabbit jumped over to them. Of course, Red was the first to think of something worthwhile. “I know! Bunny Hoods!” He exclaimed, figuring out how they will get to the castle.
“Ooooooh, no! I am NOT wearing one of those things!” Blue crossed his arms into an ‘x’, showing he did not want anything to do with Bunny Hoods.
“Hey, that’s a good idea, Red!” Green congratulated, smiling brightly.
“Better then what I was thinking of.” Vio admitted, slightly smiling from his book.
“Great- no, WONDERFUL idea!” Shadow exclaimed, also smiling.
“WHAT?! I’m not even getting CLOSE to one of those UGLY things!” Blue shouted, stomping his foot.
“B-but…” Red started to tear up, looking directly at Blue. He burst into tears and fell onto the ground infront of blue, trying to get him to feel guilty. Green, Vio, and Shadow looked down at Red, then straight at Blue with cold, forbidding eyes.
“U-uhhhh… Oh alright! But ONLY to get to the castle!” Blue shouted, before sitting down and looking away, blushing deeply.
“Yay! Thank you Blue-kun!” Red hugged him, “But where are we going to get Bunny Hoods?”
“I know one place other then the Happy Mask shop.” Magma offered, smiling slyly.
“Oh! Magma-san, where is it?” Green asked, almost saying ‘-chan’ instead of ‘-san’.
“Follow me, Green-kun and friends.” She walked ahead of them and looked back, still smiling slyly. Only Shadow has noticed her eyes were not emerald green, but now blood red… “Something’s wrong…” He whispered, following her anyway.
“They’re so easy to fool… they think they’re still talking to Magma, but soon enough they’ll find out that when you mess with me, Memagma, they mess with their own lives!” Magma whispered, laughing evilly to herself.
“Oh no… She plans to get rid of us once and for all… I knew that Memagma couldn’t be trusted!” Shadow whispered, gulping. Memagma had a horrible and gruesome plan, and nothing was going to stop her.

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kudjiboy says:

....oh....em....FREAKING GEE! *faints because of the coolness of this story*

Vaati_Lover says:

:3 ya like it! That's great to know.
Just warning you, I can't think of anything for the next chaper, even though I have thought up of Dark joining in on their party.