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The Heroes and The Dark Princess

By Vaati_Lover
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Chapter 6: chapter 6-Drago's reappearence

“Drago…?” Green said, after finally making out what Memagma said, “I think I know that name…”
“Whoever he is, he must be on our side!” Red stated smartly, surprising Blue a bit, “I mean, Memagma was trying to eat us and he knew of her plans and gave her a bunch of regular Bunny Hoods except one.”
“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I agree with Red.” Blue said, baffled by how smart Red was.
“I don’t see Drago in my book anywhere, except here and there, but there’s such little information about him… it says he may’ve battled the Hero of Time, and his ancestors battled the great heroes, all on Ganondorf’s side until defeated.” Vio pouted a bit.
“But I’m that Hero of Time. Does that mean I battled Drago?” Green pondered about it as Magma groaned a bit to catch their attention.
“I think I know who Drago is…” She said, getting up with the help of Green, “His full name is Drago Link, the brother of the Hero of Time.” Green became surprised fairly quickly after learning this, and soon after the rest of the Links were hit with surprise.
“Did you say the BROTHER of the Hero of Time?” Green asked, pouting quite a bit.
“Yes. Your brother, Green-kun. And he doesn’t know about the four swords yet. This means he’ll attack all of ya…” She sighed and continued resting her body. Green pondered on this for a while, and Shadow looked out and noticed someone in the distance. He quickly looked at the only picture Vio’s book had of Drago, he realized who the person was, and walked to him. Drago raised an eyebrow, noticing Shadow.
“Are you Drago Link?” He asked, sounding serious.
“That is correct. And I believe you are Shadow Link. I thought you were evil?” He smirked a bit.
“I thought you worked for Ganondorf.” Shadow crossed his arms and smirked as well.
“Touché.” Drago flicked some of his dusty-blond hair, “Anyways, is Link here?”
“You mean Green? Yeah, he’s treating Magma’s wounds.”
“Magma? Who’s Magma?”
“A Dark Princess whom is obviously in love with your brother.”
“Just as I suspected.” Drago sighed, and walked towards Green, tapping him on the shoulder. He hadn’t just yet noticed the other Links… but then again, Blue, Red, and Vio were hiding behind bushes. Green turned and smiled brightly when he saw Drago.
“Heeey, bro!” He said, the brightest smile possible on his face.
“Long time, no see, Green.” Drago laughed a bit, “And as always, you’re caring for some Princess.”
“I’m guessing Shadow told you ‘bout Magma.” Green sighed as Drago nodded a bit. Suddenly, Drago started looking around, making Green nervous.
“…Someone’s watching us…” He said, reaching for his sword.
“I’m sure it’s just some little animals!” Green quickly lied, knowing that Drago sometimes fell for them.
“…Not this time, Green. I know someone’s around here other than you, me, Magma, and Shadow.” He took out his sword and slashed at the bushes, then cried out. He expected some humans or at least some race that can talk Hylian language, there really were little animals-tiny, adorable rabbits that wore shirts of different colors.
“I told you.” Green smiled, to Drago, whom was trying to calm down the rabbits he scared half-to-death.
“Should’ a believed you, bro. Sorry.” He sighed and sat down, then looked to the bushes he cut. Of course, they grew back almost instantly, already blooming with color.
Meanwhile, behind the tree, Vio, Blue, and Red were panting quietly.
“That was too close… you said he’d attack us, and if he’s as good as Green, then we’re gonna in biiiig trouble if we’re caught…” Red looked like he was about to cry at any second. Blue, obviously not caring if he showed his nasty attitude or not, hugged Red and calmed him down, both not wanting to see him cry or wanting Drago to hear him.
“Well, Blue, isn’t this an interesting turn of events.” Vio whispered, as Blue growled as quietly as possible.
“…Did you hear anything?” Drago asked, turning to Green, whom was finishing wrapping one of Magma’s worst wounds.
“Hm? No.” Green said, actually telling the truth.
“…Thank you, Green-kun…” Magma said, opening her eyes half-way to see Green and Drago.