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The Life and Death of L.J. (Link Jr.) part 16-epilouge

By Link_Rules_All
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Chapter 1: chapter 1-the choice

authors note: i will put prunoucation of my origanal charcters names at the end of each chapter as they appear. along with any extra notes for those who are not famallier, with the crossovers. also my fics are based off of the Zelda books i am currently writing. (i still need to get the first one published when i am done writing it.) oh and i am starting with a once upon a time thing for those who don't own Zelda but know about it from thier friends or whoever. oh yes along with the notes and prounuctuations i will add a description of each of my charcters. also only FIVE years passed when Link was away in Termina. and two more years passed and L.J. was born. L.J. is now eighteen.

Once upon time in the land of Hyrule. In that land there was a hero named Link Jr. (or L.J. as he perefers you to call him so that is what i shall do.) Now one day after L.J. had pummled Ganondorf back into the Dark Realm he was strolling through Hyrule Field, when suddenly he thought "I need to marry soon or there will be no one to beat the living shit out of Ganondorf, when and if he comes back." Then he said out loud "Should I marry a Zora or a Hylian." Now you may be wondering why L.J. would want to marry a Zora so I will answer that question. L.J. thought that Zoras were extremely beautiful. (Or at least a certain Zora anyways.) After one whole hour of sitting there in the exact middle of Hyrule Field he decided "I will marry a Zora, but not just any Zora the princess of the Zoras." then he laughed a semi-evil laugh “Baw ha ha ha hah watch out dad you are in a lot of trouble a hah hah hah.” So he rushed to Zoras Domain as fast as he could. When he got there he was all out of breath and he stopped at the waterfall to rest. After he was done resting he pulled out the Ocarina of Time and played Zelda’s Lullaby, then he jumped across the gap and entered the domain.

When the Zoras saw him they all said as one “Hi L.J. nice to see you again.” Then L.J. said “Hi guys where is Queen Ruto?” They all replied “In the royal chamber why?” L.J. then said “Because I have a very important question for her but it is personal and for her ears only.” Then they said “O.K.” and then L.J. rushed to the Royal Chamber when he got there the guards let him through, and he climbed the steps to the standing stone where all those who visit the Queen or King of the Zoras must stand and he bowed to Queen Ruto who is also the sage of water and said “Your Royal Highness may I ask you a personal and private question?” and Queen Ruto replied, “Of course guards leave us.” And the guards said, “Yes ma’mm” Queen Ruto looked down to her daughter also named Ruto and said, “You to dear.” But than L.J. said in a hurried kind of voice “Oh its fine if the princess stays, that is if you give me the answer I hope you will give me.” And Queen Ruto replied “O.K she may stay.” And at that the guards left. Then Queen Ruto said, “What are your questions?” And L.J. replied, “Well my first question goes to you your royal highness so here it is, Queen Ruto may I marry your daughter please?” and Queen Ruto replied “Of course you may…On one condition.” And L.J. asked, “What is that one condition?” Queen Ruto said in a very serious voice, “The condition is that you swear to protect my daughter at all costs even if it means you must die to protect her.” L.J. then replied in a very very serious voice “I swear it.” And then he turned to the princess and said, “Princess Ruto do you accept my offer of marriage?” Then the princess said in a serious voice “I do.” Then L.J. jumped up and down in excitement. Then he stopped and said “Oh shit dad’s not gonna like this not one bit…well maybe.”

Then the princess said, “Why dear.” And L.J. said, “Your highness, if you would please explain to the princess why my dad would not like it, I will go home and tell my mother the good news.” And Queen Ruto said “of course I will, now run along back to the castle and I will explain everything to my daughter O.K.?’’ and L.J. said “O.K. bye be back soon… I hope.”
Then when L.J. was back at the castle and was done explaining the good news to his mother Queen Zelda (or Zelda) ruler of Hyrule said “Your father is not going to like this not, one bit but I’ll try to talk him into letting you marry Princess Ruto.” Then L.J. said “Good luck with that he will need a lot of convincing.” Then Zelda said, “Don’t worry I’ll threaten him with banishment from Hyrule if says no, I promise.” Then L.J. said “Thanks ma you’re the best.”
Then Zelda said “I know.”

That afternoon…
“No Absolutely Not I Will Not Let Him Marry Ruto’s Daughter!!” screamed Link Sr. as he slammed his fist on one of the great halls tables. “Fine then I guess I have no choice but, hey I must I made a promise to our son so here goes… I Queen Zelda herby banish…” started Zelda then Link Sr. cut In fast and said hurriedly “O.K. O.K. I’ll think about It just give me five weeks if I say no than I’ll go into banishment quietly.” “That’s what I thought you would say.” said Zelda.

5 weeks later…
Link Sr. popped his head into L.J.’s room and said, “Son I’ve finally made my decision you may marry Princess Ruto.” And L.J. got up off his bed and screamed, “Yahoo, Yes Thanks Dad You’re The Best Yea!!!!!!!” Then he said under his breath, “Well I guess I can stop sending the princess letters and go visit her.”
“See ya dad.” then he saw Kaebora Gaebora out of the corner of his eye and he stuck his head out the window and mouthed “Kaebora go back I can marry her so tell her that and I’ll be right behind you.” and Kaebora mouthed “K.” back and flew back to Zoras Domain Link Sr. then said, “There will be Stalchild out at this time of night so take my arsenal for protection” L.J. then said “Don’t worry I’m warping” “Yes, but I sense a...disturbance so take it anways K?” said Link Sr. “K” said L.J. “Arsenal I summon you,” said L.J. And he warped to Zoras Domain.

additional notes: L.J. warps by useing his Warp Stone. That is a special legendary stone that allows one to warp. it works like take out the stone then you throw it up in the air, quicklty think of a place to go, catch it then BAM you warp.
also when you see somone yelling i use a capatial letter then lowercase for eachg word as to avoid the "no all caps" rule
charcter descriptions:
L.J. perfect mirror image of adult OoT Link
Ruto second perfect mirror image of adult Ruto. exept for the fact that she has been wearing a zora tunic scince she was 13

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Princess of Twilight says:

This is a good story line so far! I can't wait to see wha thappens next! Please keep posting, I am gonna wait 4 the next chapter.

Link_Rules_All says:

k i need to fix some things too.