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Zelda fusion gate

By linkwolf48
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Chapter 1: intro

Lost. Inside the Lost Woods. 2 days traveling, drinking gave me some energy, but I still hunger. I traveled even more
Into the lost woods. Not knowing which route to take. The sky began to darken, with an odd aura in the sky.
I needed a place to relax myself. When I got the chance, I was interrupted by a Moblin. He taunted me and wanted to fight.
But I tried to escape, but sadly Epona was chase away by another moblin. I was left with no other choice but to fight.
I fought but my attacks were not so good due to my wariness. The moblin then enchanted his power after I manage to attack him twice.
As he did, there was a broken piece of some type of fragment. That glow purple then shattered. The Moblin cracked its neck and came charge at me.
I raised my shield and steady my feet. The moblin hit my shield forcing me to fall back; I quickly got up and raised my shield once more.
He hit the shield 2 more times, making me lose my balance. I started to fall; my shield fell off my hand. He came once more, as he came near, I tried to hit him with my blade.
The moblin quickly doge it then smack the place off my hand, the blade that he hit, did not pierce his rough skin. He hit me on my neck then I blacked out.
Moments later I had awoken. I thought the moblin would have ended my life, as I tried to move, I notice that I was tied up. He grunted at me then commanded a small army of moblins to raid the village, he took me to
some type of basic, bagging my belongings as he went. As I was carried away, I saw that there was another young person like me, fighting off this army.
I was then taken there, locked in a cell. As the Moblin, brag, and pick but my stuff, using it, trying it on, I use a small dagger to cut the rope little by little.
All of a sudden the area, started to shake up. I cut the rope faster and faster, and then the boy in orange came again. He defeated the moblin, this time the fragment that faded didnt help him so much.
The boy open my cell, but I didnít need help to escape, due to me being an expert in these type of situations.
I took all my belongings and ran into a broken wall, I kick it and it broke down. Me and the boy ran out to safety.
We ran to a safe place, the boy fell a sleep then I was left awake. I played my ocarina then went to sleep as well.
I heard someone calling. The voices of friends I knew dearly. Zelda Sara, Ruto, Molan. I followed there call to a waterfall.
I was the ambushed by a Moblin. The one who chase off Epona. I was still tried but I fought it off, the boy came to help me.
We defeated the monster. He came back using the same powers as the first moblin did. We were force to jump off the waterfall.
Moments later we woke up in a deku hut. There before me, I saw familir faces. Kafei, Skull kid and his fairies.
A deku ran in and told us to come out. We rushed out the hut. The other dekus said that there was a sole deku the went to the carven. Thinking the same carven that the entity Sara told me aout.
My friends and I adventured to the carven which is north of the deku village.

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  • Chapter 1: intro