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The legend of Lelda (lol)

By Princess of Twilight
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Chapter 1: Twins!

Hyrule...a beautiful land filled with many people and different races. From the graceful water-dwelling Zoras tho the strong rock eating Gorons. And of course the Hylians. A few years ago the hero of Hyrule, Link asked the radiant ,princess Zelda for her hand in marrage. Zelda of course said yes. A few months after the marriage Zelda gave birth to twins. These twins were named Lelda and Zink. Lelda shared her father's blue eyes and her mother's hair. Zink shared his mother's eyes, and his father's hair. Link and Zelda were very proud of their babies...until they became teenagers...

"Oh my god will both of you just SHUT UP!!?!", Link yelled. "You two are ROYALTY so you better start acting like it."
"Sorry father.." Lelda and Zink said in unison, then when Link turned around they glared at eachother.
"*sigh* It's okay I two better not fight during Zink's dubbing.", Link stated. Lelda shot up at the sound of the word "dubbing".
"Why can't I become a knight too dad, it's unfair!?", Lelda complained.
"I'm sorry Lelda but Zink has to awaken as the chosen one, and draw the sacred blade; the Master Sword.", Link patted her on her shoulder. The truth is that Lelda HATES being a princess. She wants to be a knight, for she is obviously better than her idiotic, conceited brother. Unfortunately her mother would never allow it. To make things worse tommorow she'll have to watch as Zink gets to live the dream she's always wanted...

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Link_Rules_All says:

this is cool, but there are some typos just to let u no.

Princess of Twilight says:

Yeah I know, I'm waiting for the second chapter to get approved, its better than this one.

Link 3000 says:

Cool its very interesting

cuttielink404 says:

lelda and zink? i see no point of combining link and zelda's names....