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Highschool Days

The 5 Link's have finished their mission, and now it's time to learn the new experience of a modern day school. With a sword and shield replaced with pencils and paper, can they survive the hectic life of a teenager filled with many unknown emotions, such as love? Rated R mostly for profane language and lessly for sextual situations and reference to sex. This is yaoi. You have been warned.

Category: Romance/Action/Adventure
Rated: R

Posted On: Aug 14, 2009
Updated On: Jan 1, 2010

Review by Shadow-chan

O___o I wanna write something!
Haha, I'm reviewing my own story xD.
So, this story is based on the Four Swords adventure, where the Link's were unknowingly forced into another dimension. The dimension of the modern world. I guess it has comedy, and I don't think my spelling is all THAT bad. At least, I hope not. And i'm pretty sure it's KIND OF interesting at least. I enjoy writing it, and i hope all of you enjoy reading it!

Review by Celestial Reign

I really loved this. You have to write more of it. It's so cute! I'll be reading it until the very end. happy.gif

Review by Acxs

Its been 4 years already,what happened to you?or were are you?i really wish another chapter of this,if you read this,tell me why you suddenly stopped making chapters
-your faithfull fan
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