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the return of Ganondorf (WW), and Vaati!!! and then the uter deafeat of them too. LOL XD!!! mwahahahahahahahahaha!!!

basically Ganondorf from WW, and Vaati team up to destroy, Tetra, WW Link, and the five Links. rated R for sexual content, refence to sex, violence, blood, and um that's it. oh yeah TetraXWW Link, OCXOC, a bunch of those, and VioXShadow, BlueXRed, this isin't permeanet, and that's it. yes there is Yaoi. oh yes and GreenXFour Swords Zelda

Category: Action/Adventure
Rated: R

Posted On: Aug 18, 2009
Updated On: Oct 31, 2009

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i gave myself ten cuz i'm awesome!!! l;happy.gif
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