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Link's True Love

A romantic tale of Link and the love of his life. Could it be Zelda or Amber? Not even he knows! Link is confused about what to do when he suddenly has two girls who want to be with him. He loves both Zelda and Amber, but he can't exactly make them share... Zelda is already implying that Link should marry her as soon as possible. Amber is trying to take things slow with Link. To make matters worse, Dark Link also makes an appearance. Poor Link is indecisive about his love life. Should he marry Zelda, a serious princess insisting on marriage, or Amber, a young girl who perhaps needs Link to show her how to live her life again after a tragic past? A surprising love story with an unexpected but happy ending. Please enjoy!

Category: Romance/action/Twilight Princess
Rated: R

Posted On: Mar 25, 2013
Updated On: Mar 25, 2013
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