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The Five Links

A story of the 5 Links adventures that takes place after Akira Himekawa's manga, Four Swords Plus. This story features several characters from other Zelda games throughout the series. Rated PG-13 for mild violence and language.

Category: Action/Adventure
Rated: PG-13

Posted On: Dec 13, 2008
Updated On: Dec 2, 2009

Review by Zelda: Princess of Hyrule

Aside from all of those typos (which you can just fix before finish), you did fairly well; your adaptations of the characters are very well done. I'd recommend this story to most viewers, and even if you're younger than 13 I'd say read with SLIGHT caution but, aside from minor swearing, you could read this Fan Fiction. This would also be a great read for those who enjoyed Akira Himekawa's 4 Swowds+ manga and wan't to read more on the Four Links.

Review by Link_Rules_All

hmm i give it a ten, "why?" you ask. because it rocks the world that's why!!! and so does this ficcy's writer (sp?)!!! aye the lass is good at writin' i admit that. but there are the ocassional typos, aye, aye. and then there are the occasional grammtical errors. nay i was kidding. therea are no grammatical errors. except for one chapter. chapter 7. but whatever. if nothing else all in all it's good, can't wait to write another review when it's completed.

Review by Link_Rules_All


Review by Link_Rules_All

srry bout the "f" i ment to add something, hit the wrong key, then hit enter on accedent srry bout that. i'm half asleep, and can barely type this. so yeah here is what i wanted to add. ahem GET TO UPDATEING YOUR OTHER FICCY!!!
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