You can use the fan fiction gallery to post your own Zelda stories. Please read the rules carefully below before using the fan fiction gallery.

How to Submit

  1. If you haven't already, sign up for an account and log in.
  2. Write at least the first chapter of your story, and make sure everything is the way you want it before submitting. Be sure it's spaced (blank line between each paragraph)
  3. Go to the submit story page and fill out the information for your story. Make sure to pick an appropriate category and to put in your first chapter.
  4. Wait for a moderator to approve your story. Any given member can only have two stories being written at a time, so do not expect a third story to get approved.
  5. Once your story is approved it will appear under Latest Stories.
  6. If you want to modify or add chapters to an existing approved story, go to the Edit Story page.
  7. At this time you may only add one chapter at a time, and you must wait for each one to be approved before submitting the next one.
  8. Please note that any member of ZL can add comments to your chapters, reviews to your story, and rate your story.
  9. When your story is done, please go to the Edit Story page and click on "End Story" to end your story.


  1. Each and every submission, without exceptions, should be an original work. It is permissible to use quotes from the games, but they should only be used in context, and sparingly. Originality counts heavily, itís what weíre here for.
  2. Flaming, spamming, trolling, and offending other members is not allowed, period. Do not attack peopleís works or go off talking about the weather or rambling in l33t. Please use proper English as a common language as well, we are all be capable of it (there is an exception here for non-English speakers).
  3. If you post mature or controversial content, be sure to PLAINLY FLAG it. We have young people on this site who do not need to be exposed to yaoi or such. This does not mean you canít post something like a loverís scene or even something like LinkxGanon, but such things can only be posted if you make it very clear that it has stuff like that in it.
  4. Because the Ongoing Stories cannot be flagged in the same manner as normal fanfiction, and many ongoing stories are started by younger people, DO NOT post questionable stuff in them. The only exception to this is if the story is started with such material, and marked as such.
  5. Plagiarism is not tolerated and will result in a ban. Plagiarism is when you take someone's intellectual property, like an image or story, and claim you did it. Even if you modify the original in some way you may still be infringing on the original writer's rights. Please be aware of others in the community and use common sense.
  6. If you suspect another member of plagiarism, report it privately first to an administrator and it will be investigated. Remember, everyone is innocent until proven guilty.
  7. You must upload only finished writings. This means you have written/ proofread, typed, spellchecked/ formatted, and believe that itís ready to be view by the public. Itís fine (encouraged, actually) for you to post your works chapter by chapter, so dive in. Just be sure that everything is cleaned up and spellchecked, and make it look professional.
  8. No author can be writing more than two stories simultaneously, not counting Ongoing Stories. This is to keep authors from abandoning their fics halfway, and encourage people to complete their stories. If you submit a third story it will simply sit in the queue, unread, until you have finished one of your previous stories.
  9. Please try to only post fan fiction that is relevant to Zelda. A story that is about original characters and settings does not count as fan fiction unless it contains heavy use of Zelda material (i.e., Link in the future, someone talking with Ganon, etc are permissible). Just using the world of Hyrule is OK, so long as the story actually focuses on the setting- just changing some place names wonít cut it. Irrelevant postings are subject to deletion without warning, and further abuses will result in a review of your membership. If you are unclear about whether or not to post something, please contact an administrator.
  10. Do not repeat a fanfiction story in both the Ongoing Story section and the single author section. This is a recipe for discontent and confusion.
  11. The administrator is LinkNavi. Note that if an admin asks you to stop doing something, you are obligated to do so. Suggested edits are not mandatory, but usually a good idea.

Rules (Short versions)

  1. Must be original.
  2. Flaming, spamming, trolling, and offending other members is prohibited. Use proper English, on topic.
  3. Plainly flag mature or controversial content.
  4. Do not post questionable stuff in the Ongoing Stories.
  5. Plagiarism will result in a ban.
  6. Report plagiarism privately to an admin.
  7. Finished writings only.
  8. Two stories at a time, per author.
  9. Must be relevant to Zelda.
  10. Do not repeat a fanfiction story in both the Ongoing Story section and the single author section.
  11. We have admins, listen to them.