Special Features

This section deals with general Zelda issues that don't fit anywhere else on the site. This covers things like fan issues, rumors, special projects, and editorials. Some features are ongoing, while others are a one-time essay.
  • Zelda Series

    • Legend of Zelda Awards
      The purpose of this feature is to list the awards that the Zelda series and individual Zelda games have won over the years.
      Last Updated: Jan 4 2005

  • Community

    • Legends of Zelda: Where It's Been, Where It's Going
      This is sort of a progress report, explaining what my current attitudes and plans are. I start at the beginning in order to show how I've gotten to where I am, and what I plan to do with the site in the future.
      Last Updated: Feb 17 2005

    • Thoughts on Zelda GC
      A collection of and commentary on the many opinions about the re-design of Zelda GC (The Wind Waker), the latest Zelda offering for the GameCube. Includes history, fan reactions, and Nintendo's response.
      Last Updated: Feb 17 2005

    • Interview with TSA
      The original Zelda Headquarters (ZHQ.com) is being revived by TSA, one of the original staff members of ZHQ. Come hear his thoughts about ZHQ and Zelda.
      Last Updated: Feb 17 2005

    • Rauru's Return interviews Max Nichols (lord-of-shadow)
      Max Nichols, better know as lord-of-shadow, the webmaster of Zelda Legends, was interveiwed by Archais Sage of Rauru's Return. He offers thoughts in a variety of areas.
      Last Updated: Feb 10 2006

    • Zelda Webmaster Roundtable
      A group of 19 different Zelda webmasters from various sites got together on IRC to answer questions about and discuss Zelda. The result was a very long discussion on many aspects of the Zelda series between the fandom's leaders.
      Last Updated: Apr 29 2006

  • Other Stuff

    • Random Text Files
      This ongoing feature is simply a random collection of Zelda-related text files that I've saved to my hard drive. Some of these prove useful now and then, which is why I preserve the collection.
      Last Updated: Jun 13 2006

    • The Legend of Hamlet
      This is a computer game which I made for an English project my senior year of high school. Using Graal, I spent six days making Shakespeare's Hamlet into a game. This feature describes the project, and lets you download and play the game for yourself!
      Last Updated: Feb 17 2005

    • Zelda SUD
      This is a Zelda SUD, a text-based single-user dungeon game, which I made for a C++ programming project. Download the game and be amused by how primitive it is!
      Last Updated: Feb 24 2005