Fonts allow you to change the appearance of typed text. I have available here fonts that will make text look the same as it does in some of the Zelda games. Most of these fonts require a PC and True Type font support.

Getting a font to work can be a little tricky. The basic idea is to download the zip file and unzip the font. It will usually be named with a .ttf extension. If you have Windows, You can usually just copy the font into your c:\windows\font\ directory and it will install automatically. Another method is to go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Fonts, then go to File > Install New Font. If you already have too many fonts on your computer, or you have an older operating system, these won't work. Instead, you will have to get a program like Adobe Type Manager, and use it to add fonts to your system.

Once the font is installed on your system, you should be able to change the font of your text in any text editing program. You can also use this font in html documents, but be warned that if someone else does not have the same font, they won't be able to view your text in that font when they open the html document. Make sure you know what the font's exact name is before you try to use it. (Hint: a font's name is NOT the same as the file name of the .ttf file.) You can find out the font's name either by going through your font list after the font is installed, or by double-clicking on the .ttf font file and looking at the information that pops up.

For Mac Users
Need to convert these fonts to Mac format? Try Fondu or FontForge.

Table of Contents:

A Link to the Past

Return of Ganon
This font was made from the ALttP dialogue text. It even has special characters, like Link's face, a heart, and the gibberish "Hylian" symbols you see on various ancient monoliths. This font looks just like the dialogue text in ALttP, except for the fact that the text in ALttP is white surrounded by a blue border.

Made by codeman38, from Zone 38.
Download TTF zip file (PC)
Download hqx file (MAC)

Link's Awakening

This font was designed to look like the dialogue text in Link's Awakening / DX. If you set the background to black and the text color to white, your text will look just like it does in LA! This font also has support for international ASCII characters.

Made by Brian Kent, from Aenigma Fonts.
Download TTF, FON zip file (PC)

Ocarina of Time

Hylian 64
This font was designed to encapsulate the Hylian script in OoT and MM. This is technically the most accurate font available, and even comes with an accurate translation table from Hylian to Japanese! However, it's character set is limited (since it does not have the mirror-image characters) and it was made to fit onto a pixelized grid, regardless of how the actual Hylian looks in the game.

Made by BRPXQZME. Available here.
Download TTF zip file (PC)'s Hylian
The unique has invented their own Hylian language based on the script in OoT and MM. Not only do they have two cool fonts to download (Hylian and Hylian Rounded), but they have a whole language - grammatical rules, vocabulary, literature and all! Find out more about's creation on their Hylian Language page.

Sarinilli's SariF Hylian
Sarinilli has contributed numerous Zelda fonts which can be viewed on her deviantART page. She has created an extensive Hylian language, including her own Hylian font based on the glyphs in OoT and MM. Sarinilli's Hylian Language Project has it's own grammatical rules, vocabulary, names, and much more.

Made by Sarinilli. Available here.

The Wind Waker's Wind Waker Hylian has the perfect font for creating text in the Hylian script found in TWW. This font has all the characters in the Hylian language, though they are sometimes mapped to strange keys. This is because Hylian was designed to be translated into Japanese, and Japanese has a lot more characters than English. You can download the font on's Wind Waker Font page.

Mdta's Hylian Caligraphy Font
This is another Hylian font made by Martin Anderson (mdta). It seems to include symbols from tWW, along with some originals that he created himself to fill in missing areas. He has an English version, but he also has a Japanese version, for use on Japanese PCs. The Japanese version has not been tested, so we cannot verify that it works.

Made by mdta.
Download English OpenType Font zip file (PC)
Download Japanese Type 1 Font zip file (PC)

Hylian Symbols

This unique font, also made by mdta, contains 20 symbols used in Hyrule. It has things like the Hylian crest, the Triforce, the Sheikah eye, the WW pearl symbols, and much more! It's quite fun!

Made by mdta.
Download TTF zip file (PC)


This font replicates the font seen in the logo of a Link to the Past, Link's Awakening, and again throughout the series. All upper-case letters are like that, while "lower"-case ones are simply normal upper-case letters. Won't be much use in normal writing, but it's great for headers and whatnot. Looks best at large font sizes.. which means that the picture isn't a good representation of it. It also includes some symbols; check the image to see for yourself.

Made by DarkAngelX, fromDeviant Art.
Download TTF zip file (PC)

Twilight Princess

Twilight Princess Hylian
This font was created for Zelda Legends just a few weeks after the release of the game by our graphics guy, Martin Anderson, with the help of Patricia Martínez Nava. Quite possibly the quickest any Zelda font has ever been created. And they did a nice job of it, too.

There is one major difference between the Gamecube and Wii versions of Twilight Princess: The Wii version is a mirrored version of the Gamecube version. Meaning that a left turn in the GC version is a right turn in the Wii, etc. This also means that the Hylian font is mirrored. So they was kind enough to provide four versions of this font: Wii version, Bold Wii, Regular GC, and Bold GC. For simplicity's sake all four are contained in the same .zip file.

Made by mdta, of Zelda Legends.
Download TTF zip file (PC)

Gamecube Regular:

Gamecube Bold:

Wii Regular:

Wii Bold:

Skyward Sword

Ancient Hylian
While Hyrule Historia may have claimed that "This ancient text can not be translated.", clues within Skyward Sword finally lead to a complete decoded alphabet and, eventually, a font. This font was created by Sarinilli on deviantART barely two months after the game's release! It can be downloaded from her page here.