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Miyamoto on Zelda
Nintendo Book Winter 2002

Reported by: Bakudan Yoshinoya
September 25, 2002
Originally from Planet GameCube

Nintendo’s latest demo DVD in Japan features a clip of Miyamoto-san’s commentary on The Legend of Zelda (GC). PGC brings you the highlights translated below:

What is The Legend of Zelda?
The first game in the series was made about 15, 16 years ago. It takes place in a fantasy world. It is the story of a small kid around the age of ten going on an adventure fighting enemies. I really wanted to make a series where players themselves are going on an adventure using their heads, and using the controller to control the character’s body.

Character Design
When we showed the game last summer, there was a lot of controversy around the world regarding Link’s cartoon-like face. In Ocarina of Time for N64, Link was a cool and handsome man. There were a lot of opinions last year. As we entered this year with people able to try the game out, people who initially disapproved of the new look, especially Europe, received the game well. When you are able to touch the game, you feel happy. When you are able to touch the game, and make the animation move, it is an amazing thing that lets the players have fun.

In Ocarina of Time, it was the same. We had the same theme of making images that you can touch. When you can touch the animation that you usually watch, it’s really amazing. I designed the game, but until it was made, I did not see the game. After it was done, I tried it, and I was really happy. I could touch the animation.

Even Beginners Can Enjoy
Anyhow, the theme is making a game where you have fun once you start playing it. Of course, clearing the game itself is fun, but the fact that just by playing you can have fun is also very important. Mario is the same. When you start to play, you have fun. Zelda is also the same. Not only do you have fun when you play, you also get a sense of adventure. I can guarantee it.

The controls in Zelda are quite easy. However, you can do a lot of complicated stuff, which is supported by many systems. Like the auto jump system. Like pressing a button and having Link face the enemy automatically. In the industry, many of the basics of action games are pretty much provided by our Zelda games. We think that even players that don’t play games on a regular basis will have fun. If they try once, maybe they will get hooked on videogames for like ten years or so.

We are always thinking of ways to create something extra by connecting the GC and GBA in our games. In Zelda it is also the same. It is not just watching from the side. By receiving maps and giving the player hints, another person can also participate. With the GBA connected, we want sisters sitting by their brothers to give them advice, and perhaps even trouble them. Please try the game by connecting your GBA.

This May at the E3, we unveiled the game and let people play it. We were still in the process of bringing new ideas in the game. Everyone is anticipating this title. We will launch the series first in Japan this Christmas. Video games are one of the few media that originate from Japan and get dispatched across the world. The customers in Japan also have the merit of playing the games first. Zelda will be released this year in Japan.