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The lexicon is intended to be a complete and exhaustive reference list of everything in the Zelda universe. Please note that the old Encyclopedia project has been reborn as the Zelda Legends Wiki. The Lexicon only lists terms and definitions, like a dictionary. The Wiki has full articles, like an encyclopedia.


The Table of Contents appears at the top of each page. From here, you can click on the links to view lexicon entries by name, category, or game. The listings appear in a table, which shows the name of the entry, the games that entry has appeared in, and a short description. (An entry "appears" in a game if, at the very least, it is mentioned in that game.) You can choose to switch between the full view and a more abbreviated view (without short descriptions).

If you wish to search for a certain entry, there is a search function, which will search for all entries with a name containing the string you type in. You can also try browsing the different listings if you need the entries from a specific game or alphabetical placement.

Please note that the listings are not 100% complete, and probably never will be. So, if you see something missing, this does not necessarily mean that I have intentionally left it out. It probably means I neglected it. If you see something you think is wrong or missing, please let us know.

The Categories

From the Table of Contents, you can choose to view entries by category. For reference, the categories are defined as follows:

  • Under Creatures I group any form of life, including intelligent species, animals, monsters, and even beings that aren't exactly "living," but which act independently. Characters are specific, named Creatures. This sometimes includes monsters (usually boss characters) which only appear once in the game, and which can therefore be considered unique characters.
  • Under the Historical category goes objects or events that are important or unique to one time period, or to Hyrulian history in general. This includes things like quest items, battles, and cultural features/events.
  • The Places category lists any place that you can go, including worlds, countries, cities, landmarks, and specific shops and houses. Under Dungeons I list every Place which can be considered a dungeon, which plays a significant role in the game, and which serves little other purpose than to be a dungeon.
  • Items are anything that you can pick up and/or use in the games, including trading items, weapons, armor, etc. The Masks and Rings, while they are all Items, are listed in separate categories to make them easier to find.
  • The Songs category lists all songs.
  • Under Magic/Techniques you can find magical spells and special battle techniques.


This massive lexicon would not exist today if it weren't for all the great people who visit my forums and e-mail me to tell me I've done stuff wrong. It was these people who gave me the idea of making the lexicon, helped me gather some facts together, and corrected me when I typed the wrong darn thing. While a lot of personal time and effort have gone into this lexicon, it wouldn't be quite what it is today if it weren't for all the people who have critiqued it and guided me in my research. Once again, thanks to everybody on the forums, and thanks to everybody who has ever contacted me about the lexicon, whether to give encouragement, criticism, or help!

I would like to give a big thanks to everyone who volunteered to help me type up the short entry descriptions. Thank you joeymartin64 (AoL), Kairu Hakubi (TWW, OoS), ZeLdA MaStEr 2003 (OoS), Hero of Winds (FS), and lord-of-shadow (OoA, OoS).