The Music Gallery houses my collection of Midis and MODs. I am not hosting MP3s at this time, but that may change in the future.

Enter the Music Gallery

Midis are very small music files, but they rarely sound exactly like the music in the game. Midis do sound good if you have a good sound card, and they are worth the short download time. I downloaded most of these midis from the Video Game Music Archive, so go there if you want more.

MODs (modules) are similar to midis in that they aren't actual recordings. MODs are usually better quality than midis because they include sound samples, which unfortunately makes their file size bigger. Unlike midis, MODs sound almost identical on different systems and players. File types include IT (Impulse Tracker Module, currently the most popular), MOD (Protracker Module), S3M/STM (Screamtracker Module), XM (eXtended Module), and more.

You all know what MP3s are. Zelda Legends is not normally in the business of supplying large quantities of MP3s, due to their file size and the potential for legal ramifications, but there will occasionally be exceptions, and those will be listed here.