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Posted by on November 26, 2011

News on a new Zelda game, and a later one.

I read up some information somewhere, and it seems that Nintendo is already in the makes of making another Zelda 3DS. Not sure if it's Majora's Mask or not. But this game is not related to the previous Zelda DS games. And Nintendo wants another Zelda game for the Wii U relased in three years, and it took them five years for Skyward Sword. Think they can do it?

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andy198 says:

thw wii u one i already new about and the 3ds one is most lilely going to be majora's mask but with a twist

zhelkus says:

Actually Ninty is thinking about making a new 3DS Zelda, as in a new adventure. After that they might work on porting MM for the 3DS like they did for OoT. The MM port will likely happen no so long after the new 3DS Zelda because they're getting a lot of positive feedback to start on it.

andy198 says:

if it is a new adventure then what do u think it might be called

flimsykitty says:

I'm not looking forward to a MM remake... gah! I want new games! I wouldn't mind another game on the Wii before it goes extinct to Wii U. But I want a NEW title! We don't need any more remakes or direct sequels (do we really want another steam boat or train?)

Anyway, the Legend of Groose sounds promising. ^^

Amy122 says:

lol I enjoyed MM's and I really would like a game for FD to explain more about him XDD even tho I've read up that some claims he was a god or something..

andy198 says:

MM is my 2nd favorite zelda game, ocarina of time is the alltime classic, 3rd is wind waker them skyward sword <~- not really important but still, i hope they make a MM remake, the 3d effects will really hert your eyes when putting on masks (deku, zuror and goron masks) and 1 more thing, if they do make a new title then i hope its something that encourages u to but the game... and the title dont give to much away, majoras >mask< something about masks, >ocarina of time< something to do with an ocarina and something to do with time, >wind< waker something to do with wind... do u know what im saying?, every title gives something away

flimsykitty says:

But the Legend of Groose doesn't give anything away except the awesomeness of the main character ^^

Right now I'm tied between Ocarina of Time and Skyward Sword. I'm trying to make up my mind as to which game I like better but I can't do it. I never liked Majora's Mask too much... it scared me, lol. While I loved the exploring bits from the Wind Waker, I thought it was unbalanced and a bit awkward. The music was amazing, though. The Wind Waker is my favorite for the music but gameplay and storywise... I can't pick Y.Y

I'm hoping the next Zelda game would be something completely new but would help answer a lot of the problems SS posed. Maybe something that takes place during the Hylian Civil War right before OoT? Or something that explains how the races from SS actually evolved into what they were in OoT? Or maybe even an explanation as to why the timestones are absent from OoT and if the Ocarina could be made up of a timestone...

Also, Skyward Sword wasn't that revealing of a title. I mean, it's obvious that Link holds a sword but who could have guessed the outcome of the entire game based on that?