Zelda News: Zelda Art Book and Skyward Sword Manga Preview to Be Out on December 21!

Posted by on December 15, 2011

… In Japan, of course but I’m sure we’ll be seeing a North American equivalent sometime soon ^^

The book is around $40 and will have never before seen artwork, character summaries, and a history of Hyrule almanac… here’s some previews!

user posted image

user posted image

The manga will be made by the same people that did the Ocarina of Time and Minish Cap manga.

Good night!

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BountyHunterReturns says:

Sexy. Back in high school I downloaded nearly every Zelda Manga this site offered. Man, I miss those days.

Cheers for this manga begin released in the west, and wish me luck that I can find the time (and attention span) to actually beat Skyward Sword.

BountyHunterReturns says:

On a side note, does that look like the Fierce Deity link at the bottom left of the center image?

Amy122 says:

I can't wait for these mangs to come out! smile.gif

zhelkus says:

@BountyHunterReturns: I believe it's the water breathing armour. What was it? Zora Armour? I remember it looked cool because it covered your face like a ninja when underwater.... but damage doubled when attacked with FIREEE.

Expecting to see manga translated by scanlator groups as soon as it hits the market over there in nipponland.

BountyHunterReturns says:

Yeah, I remember what you're talking about, zhelkus. Twilight Princess had such cool armor designs, but their functions were slightly disappointing . Remember the red one that consumed Rupees while you wore it?.