Zelda News: Solution to the Game Breaking Glitch

Posted by on December 26, 2011

Pertaining to the Game Breaking Glitch I reported on earlier, Nintendo of America has provided a Wii channel to patch Skyward Sword and allow players who have come in contact with the glitch to keep playing!

The channel can be downloaded from the Wii Shop for free. You can read more about it here.

Once again, thank you zhelkus. I'm always behind on news like this ^^'

Happy Boxing Day!

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zhelkus says:


andy198 says:

sorry people but i know this has nothink to do with the writing at the top but i found i new master sword (or at least i think it is a master sword) but the problem is i carnt find it anywhere, i know what u are thinking, "how can i know what the sword is if i havent seen it", i got a zelda mouse mat for christmas (so cool) its the 2nd out of 11th sword, i put this post because i thought someone can help me-the colour-mainly blue, a bit of yellow and red, the sword looks really cool, thats all i can put for now...

i must have been right, the person who found this out must have been a super nerd, i mean come on-if they needed a channel to help you then... must i go on, they must have been on zelda SS 24/7 to find it out biggrin.gif

flimsykitty says:

@andy198 Can you take a picture of it? ^^

andy198 says:

@filmsykitty i guess i can try!
i'll up load it in a moment!

andy198 says:

i carnt get the pic on here sad.gif

flimsykitty says:

Try uploading it to image shack or photobucket and linking to it ^^