Nintendo Material

These are text files of Nintendo material - quotes from Nintendo staff, transcripts of Nintendo products and features, stuff like that. I'll probably try to organize this a little better later.'s preview of Zelda 64, which gives an interesting beta version of the story.


Nintendo Power
np103-z64story.txt Preview of Zelda 64, giving another interesting beta version of the story.
np136-2000-mm.txt Majora's Mask feature "Behind the Mask", featured in Volume 136 of Nintendo Power magazine (September 2000). Transcript from


NOA Staffer Quotes
noa-fansites.txt NOA staffer giving NOA's position on fan sites.
noa-guides.txt NOA staffer responding to Mak. Talks about the production of Nintendo Power magazine.
noa-translations.txt An NOA staffer responding to TSA. Talks about the reliability of translations and interviews.


Dan Owsen Quotes
dan-alttp.txt Dan Owsen commenting on the order implied by several ALttP-related materials.
dan-camphyrule.txt Dan Owsen's response to a question posed at Camp Hyrule 2001. The closest thing to Nintendo's official stance on a complete, unified Zelda time line.
dan-miyamoto.txt A PM from Dan to me (davogones) on the forums. Talks about how Miyamoto didn't know the timeline when Dan asked him, and how the creators seem to deliberately make the Zelda storyline vague.
dan-templeoflight.txt Dan explaining the relationship between the Sacred Realm and the Temple of Light. He claims this story was told to him by the creators themselves.
dan-zeldacom-forums.txt All the posts I could find that Dan has made on the forums which pertain directly to the Zelda storyline.
encylopedia.txt A copy of's exhaustive Zelda encyclopedia. Useful if you want to know if a web site simply copied this and pasted it onto their own site. ;-)
stories.txt The game story summaries on the very latest version of
storyline-new.txt The newer version of's complete storyline. I consider this to be inferior to the old version.
storyline-old.txt The older version of's complete storyline. I consider this to be better representative of's best efforts.
timeline-new.txt The newer version of's time line, basically an abbreviated storyline.
z64-pressreleases.txt Press releases about OoT, from the original
zelda64com-thelegend.txt The old's account of Hyrulian history from creation to the beginning of OoT.


Other Nintendo Material
lozsd-track9-zethar.txt Zethar-II's translation of the dialogue in "Legend of Zelda Sound & Drama" track 9.