Ongoing Story

the wind returns

not long after windwaker ganon returns

Posted by toby on Jul 15, 2007:
Deep in the sunken Hyrule castle Gannondorf has been brought back to life by Aryll. That morning Link woke up in his home on Outset
Posted by kentill(linksdaughter) on Jun 16, 2009:
and found the wind rather strange.He decided to ignore it,but his instinct was bothering him throughout the day.Finally he decidedto investigate.Link went to his grandmothers house and got some soup,as he started to leave his grandmother stopped him and asked in her sweet voice,"Do you know where Aryll is?shes been gone for the whole day."link shook his head.Link left and headed for the bridge conecting the island to a forest.As he was walking down the repaired bridge he saw his sister,Aryll.

"Aryll!hey grandma's worried about you,go home!"Link shouted.Aryll got up and looked at her brother.Link gasped and fell backward.Aryll was shodowy and had red eyes like the beast he had killed 5 years ago.suddenly he heard a terrifying voice,"Link,its been a while,what are you like,12?"Link got up and pulled out the hero's sword,"Ganon,IM 18!NOW LET OFF MY SISTER,SHE MEANS NOTHING TO YOU!"

""oh,but she does,she is the one who awakened me!

Posted by kentill(linksdaughter) on Jul 11, 2009:
Link gasped and clutched his fists,“thats impossible!a sweet girl like her could never bring a beast like you back to life”,Link yelled.

ganondorf,Aryll,laughed and pretended to have his feelings hurt,“boohoo,i think im ganna cry now.”

Link didn't find his sarcazim funn y,not even a little.he swong his sword back and charged at the monster,she vanished.Link looked around and stopped,a tingle riding down his spine.

“tsk,tsk, would really risk killing your sister to kill me?”ganon laughed.Link thought about it for a while and droppedhis sword.He fell to the floor in deafete,“what do you want?”
Posted by shadows_blood on Mar 12, 2010:
"you," Ganondorf whispered into his long elf ears. Link shot his head up, nearly head-butting his sister's face.

"WHAT?! What do you mean by that?" Link asked, confused.

"I mean, I want your courage, your wisdom... and your power!" Ganondorf grinned his melevolent grin. Link gulped, feeling the grin shoot down his soul.

"And how do you entend on doing that?" The eighteen-year-old shuttered, thinking of all the possible things this evil mastermind could do to him.
Posted by Nenilein on Mar 14, 2010:
"Simple! By slowly taking over everyone you ever cared about, one by one. Then, you will submit to me. Unless you want to see them all die a slow and painful death, of yourse... Mwahahahahaha!"

In shock, Link backed off:

"I won't let that happen! And neither will Tetr--"

"Oh, if your talking about Princess Zelda, I would turn around if I were you..."
Posted by nathan1231 on Aug 9, 2010:
trera was right there she had red eves to...the trifore on her wist was gone!

 can be cuntenued