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Hyrule Race

Hyrule's Race

Posted by Zora Fisherman on Aug 6, 2007:
"Hello, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the Hyrule race. This is Malon and I'll be you anoncer for this evening."
"The rule's for the race are simple. Everyboby has to start behind that line," Malon pointed to a line near Kakiro village, "and cross that line," he pointed to a ribbon near Hyrules castle moat. "No tellaporting is allowed, but other than that the only illegal thing to do are the illegal rules in life."
"The winner of the race will receive the Hyrule trophie an these two lon lons." Everybody in the crowd cheered.
" Our contestants today are as follows," Malon looks down at his paper. "The mailman of Hyrule equipet whith bunny ears, Link on eponea, Ingo on his horse."
"Other contestant are Naboroo the greudo on her stead, three other greudo's on horse back who's names will not be said to protect them."
"Just coming in are Link the goron, who plans on rolling, Ganondorf on his greudo black steed, Bonzo the moblin who is riding one of those turtle things with spikes on its back."
"We also have some contestants from other countries like Rikky the kangaroo from Holdrum, ??? from Termina, and Kuzbu, what we think is a boboblin from Daventry."
"All the contestants get on you marks..... get set.....GO.
Posted by ShadowTriForceLink on Jan 1, 2009:
Malon: and Link takes the LEAD! but Goron Kink gains on him wait did Link just catapult of his stead onto Goron Link, he is ,keeping steady, oh and whammed by Ganondork, I mean Ganondorf, and Link for the 2nd time jumps back on his stead and races beside Ganon, wait is he cheating oh wait Link jumps over his swing and that also means Ganon cheated and is disqualified! now I don't know either Goron Link and Link are planning to split the prize oh Ganon won't take no for an answer so that means the only rule is there's no rules, and now Link is transforming into Angel Link and charging a blazing fire blast of lava and toasts Ganon and still in the lead and only a mile to Hyrule castle moat and leaves the other competitors and this is to easy for the Hero of Time, wait Naboroo whams him in the side and he falls off his stead and wait Link draws out his sword formerly known as The legendary Master Sword and wait his TriForce piece is lighting and up and Link runs faster than I don't know LIGHTNING? now he crosses the the finish line in a split second and there you have it Link is the winner*everyone cheers*and gets the Hyrule trophy and the two Lon Lons congratulations.