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The Wedding

Link is about to get married to his lifelong friend Ilia, that is unti

Posted by Sage_of_Light on Aug 21, 2007:
"Link? LINK! Oh come now you must get up!" Link rustled in his bed and finally opened his eyes. He woke to see Ilia standing over him with her hands on her hips, tapping her foot in annoyance.

"We have SO MUCH TO DO! If you don't stop sleeping constantly we will never get everything ready for the wedding!" Ilia stated as-a-matter-of-factly. WEDDING? Link had completly forgotten that he was getting married in a week!

He yawned and sat up in bed. "I love you too honey." Link said sarcastically.

"Haha very funny." Ilia smiled and ran towards Link. He stood and accepted her embrace. He kissed her on the lips. She smiled. He tried to kiss her again but she interupted.

"Not now Link! We have work to do!" Ilia walked out of his house and headed back towards town. Boy, since he had asked Ilia to be his wife, he had hardly gotten a kiss. Getting married was more work that he had expected.
Posted by liquidlink on Mar 30, 2009:
As Link was preparing for the day of hard work and planing with Ilia Nothing could prepare him for whats next. With a knock on the door it was Zelda. "Link I need to talk with you" said Zelda. "Ok come on in Zelda" Link replied with a concerned look. "Link I don't know how to say this but I'm......" "Come on Zelda you can tell me whats on your mind?" "Link I'm pregnant and its yours"

Posted by kamau19 on Jun 11, 2009:
Just then, Ilia walked in with a bag full of groceries. She dropped them clumsily and stared with a wide eyed expression. Zelda turned around and blushed lobster red. "Ilia... she's lying!" said Link. Ilia turned away and slammed the door behind her. There was a thud. Link looked out the window to discover that she had barred the doors. Zelda said "Link... I..."
"I can't believe this." said Link. "That happened 3 years ago!"
"Um, actually... remember that time you and Rusl went to Telma's bar, about, oh, 3 months ago?" Zelda replied.
"Yeah... what about it?"
"You got drunk on lon lon milk... and... well... I just happened to be in the neighborhood..." Link hesitated. He mumbled to himself, "hmm, you must have spiked it, you junkie."
"Oh nothing."
"Anyway, you better sort things out with Ilia." she said, and then left.

Posted by Legends_awaiting on Jul 26, 2009:
Link walked out the front door slowly and heard Ilia and Zelda,yelling. Ilia's face was flaming red. "YOU KNEW ME AND LINK WERE GETTING MARRIED!"

"I know, but Link was drunk on Lon Lon Milk," He looked at the two blankly.

"This can't get any worse," Link muttered under his breath. He looked away to the wood's entrance and noticed a tall twili was walking towards them, he knew one thing, it was Minda. "JUST GOT WORSE!" Ilia and Zelda looked at Link, who was facing the woods, they looked at where Link was looking and saw Minda.

"Where is Rusl?" she commanded.
Posted by brock2099 on Jun 15, 2010:
the last time i saw him was at lon lon milks bar the same day me and zelda did it at the bar
Posted by starfgh/zelda on Aug 3, 2010:
"Very well then, but when did you do....that?" Midna said slowly.

"3 months ago" Link said.

Just then, Link heard a smacking sound and turned around. Zelda's right cheek was bright red, Ilia had slapped her! Zelda rolled down her arm glove to reveal a small dagger strapped to her arm. She pulled it out and held it over her head, ready to kill Ilia. Link quickly pulled out his bow, and aimed it at the knife. He fired, and hit Zelda in the hand.
Posted by LoHa on Aug 8, 2010:
"Ow! Link, I'm pregnant!"

"Go to hell with your pregnancy! I'm marrying Ilia, and that's my last word!" Link shouted angrily.

"I can and will make your life -hell- if you do." said zelda while backing off.

"After the marriage we're moving to Termina. You don't have any authority at all there." said Link calmly.
Posted by Herona_Of_Zora on Oct 7, 2010:
"We'll see if I can't do anything about that!" Zelda growled, storming off.

"Ilia, go inside,please.That was pretty hectic so go get some cold water for yourself." Link told Ilia,when Zelda was out of sight.

Ilia went inside.Link turned back to Midna to continue their conversation.

"So...what about Rusl?" Link asked.

"Urm...well...I just need to see him." Midna replied.

"Why?" asked Link.

"I need to see him RIGHT NOW." Midna growled angrily.

So Link went and got Rusl and brought him back to Midna.They had conversation as Link headed back towards his house to check on Ilia, when he heard a smacking noise.Oh boy,Rusl face palmed.And then he heard another smack.Midna slapped Rusl.Link ran back up to see what had happend.


"We were drunk!C'mon!" Rusl argued.

Midna's face was burning with rage.Link could tell what Midna would do next.
Posted by cuttielink404 on Mar 4, 2012:
Rusl yelled out of control.
Posted by Legends_awaiting on Mar 10, 2012:
"Hey! It was Link's idea to get a drink at Telma's bar that day!" Yelled Rusk. Midna stared at Rusl for a couple minutes, looked at Link and back at Rusk.

"You could of said no to Link's BRILLIANT idea," she paused for a second and continued, "He is even underage!"
Posted by cuttielink404 on Jun 19, 2012:
"Uhh... Hi Midna" Link smiled nervously. Next thing you know a preagnat woman slaped Link right across the face.

" Well SORRY you never heard of birth rings" Link mumbled