Ongoing Story


Link and all of his friends from past games get together and talk abou

Posted by Sage_of_Light on Aug 28, 2007:
"Link? Are you still sleeping?" said a slightly irritated female voice into the crack of Link's closed bedroom door.

No reply.

"LINK! GET UP NOW!" the voice screamed. Startled, Link opened his eyes slightly and realized the voice he was hearing was not in a dream, but was real. He sat up and stretched his arms. He looked outside and judging by the sun's position assumed it was midday.

He stood up and reached for his robe and slipped it on. He walked over to the door and looked through the peep hole. He saw Zelda standing outside his suite, hands on her hips, tapping her foot impatiently. She was fully dressed in a brand new green gown she had bought the day before. She had even gotten emeralds put in her crown to match the dress. He opened the door and yawned.

"Where have you been? Tea was scheduled for almost ONE HOUR AGO! Why are you not dressed and downstairs NOW?"
"Oh no," Link thought to himself.
"Was that today? I totally forgot. Sorry Zel," He said. She shrugged his shoulders and smiled. After a second Zelda's unhappy frown turned to a smile.
"You know, I just can't be mad when you smile at me like that!" She laughed and embraced him. With a small kiss on the cheek she said,

"Hurry and come downstairs..everyone is waiting!" She turned and hurried away down the hall. He could hear her heels tapping away at the wooden staircase. He smiled and put his hand to the spot on his cheek where Zelda kissed him.

Minutes later Link, fully dressed in his usual green tunic, Kokiri boots, and green hat, waltzed into the ballroom to find all of his friends and people he knew seated around a table set for tea. At the sight of him, all the guest shouted;
"Hoy, Link! Finally decided to join us, eh?"
"Hey there he is! The man of the hour!"
"Link! So good to see you again, brother!"
"Oh my, don't you look handsome!" (That was Ruto as you can probably guess)
He smiled and took his seat next to Zelda and Darunia. They all began to talk amongst themselves and Link looked at all the people seated there. There was Mido, and the twins from his native Kokiri Forest, tand among them on Link's left was also Ruto and King Zora from their domain, and Darunia and young Goron Link. Directly in front of him was Impa and the man from the windmill (wait why was he here?), and Nabooru and two of her fellow female theives. So many people brought back so many memories. But wait! Over on the far left was none other than Malon and Talon from Lon Lon Ranch! They all contined talking until Zelda stood and cleared her throat. The guests ignored her gesture and contined to talk. She finally tapped her spoon on the side of her glass. The crowd became hushed and looked at the Princess.

"The real reason I asked you all here today is that I have a very important announcement..."