Ongoing Story

Legend of zelda Link

It a story about Link where you chose what happens.

Posted by jesselzrefan on Nov 17, 2007:
This is a story about a boy name link. He grow up in a little village he made many friends. One day he lift the village to see the rest of the world. So he left his town
looking for something he could defend himselve with.
He came to a town and as he look around he saw a stand with things on sale. He look and saw a sword for 40 rupees and a sling shot for 20 rupees. Link only had 30 rupees with him.
Which should he do: Try to get the shop keeper to lower the prize. Buy the sling shoot or Look some where else.
Posted by brock2099 on Jun 12, 2010:
link saw a bag of nine rupees beside the stand he said he was going to the bathroom he took the money then exited the shop and lonlons bar he bought some lon lon milk and wonderd what to do with the money he bought another and got drunk and kept buyin
Posted by starfgh/zelda on Aug 3, 2010:
Now, drunk and out of rupees, Link left the bar. It was pitch black out and he was all loopy, so he didn't realize he was walking towards a hole until it was to late...