Ongoing Story

Links life part2

Links life after deafeating Ganon and reuniting with Shiek

Posted by Link_Rules_All on Dec 23, 2007:
Link was siting on his bed and thinking he had told Saria of all that had happened nearly 2 hours earlier. after that he had decided to cash in. then 2 hours later he was on his bed thinking of what to say. finally on his way to Lon-Lon Ranch where all of Hyrule, would be gathering, to hear what he had to say. he decided to say "I am the Hero of Time" and see what happens. when he got there he saw that all of Hyrule was there waiting for him there. as soon as he steped into the middel of the ring he said so loud that it echoed through all of Hyrule "I AM THE HERO OF TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and nothing happened no parradox no anything just shock.

please add on to this from the author,
Posted by ShadowTriForceLink on May 7, 2009:
Link started to think random things and decided to say " I am the Hero of Time, Wind, Hyrule, and Termina. I rewrite Time as it's author, I traveled through time 7 years." The crowd's voice drained out. There was some voices individually saying and gasping " Really!, OMG!, Link is that you!?, You have to be kidding us!, How!?Seriously you are kidding us!" Zelda out of the middle walked up to Link's side and spoke " He is not kidding, the sages know this they helped him rewrite Time they illustrated it!" Zelda looked at Link, they nodded at each other Link started to speak " I am that worthless kid seven years ago that all of y'all hated so much for no damn reason, yes that is who I am, that meddling twerp that left from Hyrule to Termina and back to see that no one remembered who I was except for Zelda and the six sages
of the sacred realm!! " he echoed "All of you, ALL OF YOU thought I could go to hell. YOU THOUGHT I WAS USELESS AND NEVER HAD A FUTURE AND DESTINY!!!!!" Link started to lower his voice " I am tired of saving you i might as well kill all of you, but that isn't what I am here for. I am here to protect Hyrule" Link finished, pulled out the Ocarina of Time and played Epona's Song. Epona came trotting threw the audience, Link hopped on and went to the sacred grove to calm his mind, Link helped Zelda on Epona.