Ongoing Story

links new enemy

link is called back to action to save the world yet agin but this time

Posted by ash616995 on Dec 27, 2007:
it was a very gray day for Hyrule kingdom. link was laying on his bed at hyrule castle until zelda came running into his room. "link, I have bad news!""like what" said link "I'm afraid hyrule is in danger agin. we need to check the seal on gannon" said princess zelda. "oh come on, dont you thionk your a bit TOO over worried" said link in a annoying and lazy voice "zelda whatever happens, ill just save the world like i did last time" by this, zelda got a little annoyed "come on your coming because if 2 reasons.""one, im the princess and i can make you come, and two if gannon somehow gets out, you me can put him back in the seal."" well, IF reason 2 happens just holler okay," said link and he closed his eyes. princess zelda got very mad at link and pulled him riht out of his bed."come on or i will get the soilders to come over to drag your lazy butt there!" " all right , all right ! sheeeesh!" and link got up off the floor. and went to the seal with zelda. there were the 6 madiens ready. "are you ready? Princess zelda" said one of the madians "yes" and zelda went over to her spot and put herhands together like the other maids after a whaile link got a little bores until. " well the seal is a strong a ever! So that means gannon cant be the enemy.""but who".......
Posted by ShadowTriForceLink on Jan 31, 2009:
"then if it's not Ganon it must be Vatti"blurted out Link"you're right Link" that must be it" said Zelda" but what if it isn't Vatti?" said one of the maidens.."then it would be the Gerudo or Shadow Link and Dark Link behind this mischief alright I'll get the Sages, Maidens you get the Wise Men, Link um... get the Three pendants, and all you're equipment ready and then come to the "special secret room" with the rest of us, got that?"said Zelda "um... yeah ~I guess~" said Link tiredly that then made Zelda smack the crap out of link ......