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What Link does when he's bored

what Link does when he's bored.

Posted by Vaati_Lover on Apr 22, 2008:
"Oooooh, looky, ice-cream!!" Young Link shouted.
"No, Link, you need to save Hyrule." Navi told.
"But Navi, I'm bored! I don't like to save Hyrule! I wanna play and eat ice-cream!" Young Link protested. Navi did not have any of it.
"Look, Link, you're going to save Hyrule no matter if you like it or not!" Navi screamed. This hurt poor Young Link's ears, as he batted at Navi. Somehow, he maniged to swip away the nagging fairy. "Fine! I'll go find someone else to nag at!" Navi nagged.
"Finally! The nagging fairy's gone! Now I can play and eat ice-cream and do what I want to do!" Young Link cheered for himself. He went to do everything he wanted to do, and more. Young Link stuffed himself full of ice-cream and played until the sun went down, and then some. Children were going inside and stores were closing for the night, leaving Young Link all alone. "Huh? What? Nobody is playing with me?" Young Link wimpered. Hyrule market was frightening to him at night, and he was alone in the dark without someone to show him the way. He started to cry his little heart out, as the night grew colder and more dreadful.
Posted by Link_And_Zelda on Apr 5, 2009:
Navi came back to Young Link and warend Him That ReDeads, Gibdos And Stalfos Would come if Young Link Dosen't Follow Her. Young Link Followed Navi To Kokiri Forest. "There. Now You Are safe." Said Navi. "But I Want To play!" Said Young Link. "Link, You Need to get back to your house. It can be dangerous at Night even in Kokiri Forest, Link." Said Navi. "WHAT?!?! THEN WHY ARE ALL THESE KOKIRIS OUT HERE?!?!?!" Yelled Young Link. Even Still, Young Link went back to His House And went to sleep. "Wake Up Link! You Have A BIG Day Ahead Of You!" Said Navi. "Zzzzz..... OK Navi! I Want to go to The Lost Woods!!" Said Young Link. "OK Link. But Only if you follow Me." Said Navi. "OK! I want To Play My Ocarina With The SkullKid!" Said Young Link. Young Link Went To The Lost Woods And Played His Ocarina With The SkullKid. Much Later...... "Where Am I?" Said Young Link. *BOOM!* "What Was That??" Said Young Link, Frightend. "I guess I should Go Through this place." Said Young Link. Young Link Went Through Dodongo's Cavern And Got To King Dodongo. *ROARRRRR!* "I'm Gonna Slash You Giant Dodongo!" Said Young Link. Young Link Beat King Dodongo And Got reunited With Navi. They Played Togehter Until Night.
Posted by elliotstriforce on Dec 17, 2009:
"ahhhhhhh!!" navi screeched as they came to an octorok on land.
"it's just an..." link started but paused for a long time.
"don't do this to me link!" navi knew what was coming.
"OCTOROK!!!!!!!!" link shouted as loud and as fast as he could, he rerpeated himself over and over and over again, he knew navi was getting mad.
"LINK SHUT UP, IT'S TIME TO SAVE THE WORLD!!" navi was about to explode.
"octorok." link whispered it this time so it was barely audible.
that was enough for navi to started to cry, now that navi was gone he had to go on by himself.
"what are you doing?" navi was behind him.
"wwwhhhaaattt? i thought you died," link stopped crying and he gave her a hug.
Posted by Vaati_Lover on Feb 14, 2010:
"I'm a fairy, you silly Kokiri!" She told him, trying to sound angry but the hug made her sound happy. The octorok shot the back of Young Link's head, who turned around and started at it for a long time. "DIEEEEEE!" He shouted at the top of his lungs, taking out his sword and slashing the Octorok in half. Both halfs disappeared magically, leaving behind 20 rupees. Young Link picked it up and giggled a bit. "That was fun. Now what?" He asked, looking to Navi.
Posted by Pine101 on Aug 5, 2011:
Navi turned with a sligh shocked look then shrugged.
"I honestly dont know!" She said with a sigh, almost giving up on the situation. He isnt going to save the world while he is younge. He is to immature and honestly very short for a ten year old.
"Link do you want to play a game?" She said cheerfully with a smile, She had thought of a rather smart plan.
"Yes yes yes!!! I LOVE GAMES!" He cheered with a smile. Happy that Navi had finally had a change of heart instead of pestering him to save Hyrule.
"Okay follow me" Navi said, then flying towards the temple of time.
Moments later they came up to the temple time and came to where the master sword stood.
"Now pull that sword! and the game will begin" Navi said with slight devious tone in her voice. Link nodded and pulled it.
After that he become a seventeen yr old tall broad boy. He stumble backed shocked at just what happend. He looked at Navi with slight anger in him.
She just smiled looking at him thinking that he had grown into a tall handsome younge man.
Posted by cuttielink404 on Mar 5, 2012:
" WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO ME!! " Said Grown link. Great.. Link was old enough to curse. " Oh nothing.. you were to young and immature to be the hero of time." she said. Link grabbed his sword and tried to kill navi for the pass 4 hours.