Ongoing Story

the adventure of baby link

baby link's adventrue

Posted by stink on Aug 1, 2008:
once there was a baby named link and he well have adventures and they well goto legend' link was walking and all of a sudden a baby stalfoe came out and baby link took out his block sword and destroyed it.and 1 ruby fell....... to be continued
Posted by coolcheeck on Mar 23, 2010:
baby link was frecen out at what happen so he toke the ruby but then gandorf popt out of no ware and attackt link and gandorf said in a mean vocie you are sotck a gack ass so die in a hole be continued
Posted by coolcheeck on Mar 24, 2010:
link said he was a frikin jack ass and a f***er.
Posted by coolcheeck on Mar 24, 2010:
then after that when link saw zelda he startde humping her and she hollower for the guards and flipped him off and called him a mother f***er.then gandorf humpt zelda and she tigt it.

Posted by starfgh/zelda on Mar 27, 2010:
(Sorry about my friends bad spelling-Coolcheek- he is still funny though!!!)
Then when Impa came to check on the Princess, she was shocked to see Zelda UNDER Ganon.
She said,"Why didn't you tell me Ganondorf was humping people???ME NEXT!!!!!"
Posted by brock2099 on Jun 12, 2010:
once ganon saw impa his eyes went black and he ran the hell away