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The Legend of Zelda

Posted by linksocool on Sep 1, 2008:
Posted by linksocool on Sep 4, 2008:
"Link,wake up!!"
I opened my eyes slowly to see Tetra leaning over me like I was in trouble. And I was.
"Link,why are you sleeping when you're supposed to be cleaning! On top of that we were supposed to look for the Ghost Sh- -!!" Some type of boat smacked against ours,toppoling the crew and I to the ground.
"W-w-what was that!?"
I looked,eyes squinting in the fog,at the enormous sight before me. It was the Ghost Ship.
Posted by Princess of Twilight on Oct 21, 2008:
Tetra and I stared in pure horror as the ship came to a stop. The other pirates were awstruck at the sight of the ghostly ship, and we all tried to get a glimpse of the ship through the thick fog. Unfortunatley, we did. Before our eyes was an old, rotting ship. The sails were tattered and the deck was filled with holes, it looked as though it would fall apart at any given moment.
Posted by noisemonkey on May 29, 2009:
It but a moment Link was up, muscles tense, ready for battle. He eyed the massive ship as it passed closely next Tetra's much smaller vessel. Tetra became impatiant.
"Let's just see who's behind this ghost nonsence." She jumped stealthily from the bow of the ship and grabbed a rope at the side of the Ghost Ship. She quickly shimmied herself up to the deck.
"It's deserted!" she yelled back to her crew. Link was apprehensive. He felt a knot grow in the pit of his stomach. Something was going to happen. He should be up there. Just as the thought came into his head he heard the scream. It was unearthly, causing the hairs on Links neck to stand on end. He didn't see the faces of panic, the looks of confusion from the crew. The moment that scream echoed in his ear he was off. He vaulted from the deck to the massive ship. His hands gripped rope and wood. He could pull himself up to the deck. The rope felt like it was covered in thorns. He could feel the blood trickling down his palms as he hoisted himself up. He was going to make it. Then he felt it, a force pushing against him. It came from the ship. With each second it grew stronger until his grip slipped and he was forced to the water below. He felt himself slipping.
'No' he thought, 'I can't let go!' He attempted to swim. Fog had become so thick that he didn't even know if he was going the right way. Soon it didn't matter. The world was going black. And then, sleep.
Posted by Princess of Twilight on Jun 25, 2009:
Everything was blurry to me, and a million thoughts raced through my head. And I couldn't forget her scream for help. I felt a shiver run up my spine and then I heard it. A small, light voice....

"Hey! Wake up!", it called out.

I lazily opened my eyes and tried to sit up a little. The cuts on my hands burned once they touched the sand beneath me. I looked around to try and find the source of the voice. Suddenly a little ball of light came right up near my face.

"Oh you're awake now? That's good I thought you might've been a goner. The sea isn't such a good place for you to be drifting alone in! Oh my, those cuts on your hands look like they hurt! You should take you to grandpa, he'll know what to do with you.", she, (I'm assuming by the sound of it's voice, that it is a girl) blurted out a mile-a -minute. I stared at her for awhile trying to let what she just said sink into my all ready hecktic mind.

"W-where is this place? And who are you? And h-how did I get her?", I asked while stumbling to my feet.

"Well, this is Mercay Island. My name is Ciela, and as for your third question I'm not quite sure. All I know is that you drifted here and washed up today. ", Ciela stated.

'Mercay Island? Where in the world is that?', I thought to myrself, 'well I better pay a visit to this 'grandpa' figure. '

"Ciela, can you take me to see your Grandpa?", I asked while clenching my hands, which were now bleeding again.

"Sure! I bet he'll know where you came from! Follow'm sorry I didn't catch your name..."

"Link, my name is Link. ", I smiled.

"Okay then, we're off!", Ciela cheered.

I followed her. 'Maybe this guy can give me the answers I need, and then I can get Tetra back!', I thought.
Posted by kentill(linksdaughter) on Jun 27, 2009:
when we reached a small house and entered,isaw a short old man with along gray beard and mustach eyed me."grandpa grandpa,this is link!i saw him on shore and thought you could help him."ciela laughed.

the old man clapped his staff against the floor and laughed a deep old man laugh,"hohoho,of course,dear,eh,link,what is your little problem."

i bowed at him,to thank him for his help to come,and told him all that had happened.he clapped his staff against the floor again and shook his head.ceila shook and i jumped.the old man raised a finger in the air and waved it back and fourth."to seek the goast ship is to seek your death i will tell you however...
Posted by 123456789zelda_n_n on Jul 28, 2009:
,that there is a man by the name of beckline or something,he should know a lot about the ghost ship. You can ask him if you wish to know more about.”

Cielia sighed and led me out of the house. Suddenly there was a loud rumble,an earthquake!
Posted by zeldafan_866 on Aug 11, 2009:
With a loud rumble a cave emerged from the ground, sand sliding off of it. Above the arch of the doorway were the three sacred triangles forming a pyramid. 'The mark of the royal family...' I thought, 'The Triforce!'
"Oh my gosh!" Ciela muttered. "Link, this is the way to the legendary Master Sword!"
"You're kidding!" I exclaimed in awe.
"No I'm... there it is!"
Sitting in a beam of light, the Master Sword gleamed. I ran toward it. "Hey Link, wait for me!" Ciela called.
When she caught up, I was ready to yank the sword out of the pedestal. I nodded to Ciela and pulled the Master Sword out of it's pedestal. Then there was a blinding light.
What is happening?
Posted by brock2099 on Jun 12, 2010:
sigh my hands felt much stronger Ciela was on the ground eyeing me then she looked at my hand and wondered as her mind raced.