Ongoing Story

The Temple of the Stary Night

A story about Link's attempt to find the secrets of an ancient te

Posted by noisemonkey on May 29, 2009:
The temple had been built atop Din's Throne, a massive mountain on the west end of the Haunted Wasteland, far beyond even the spirit temple he had visited when he was young. Link had traveled light, bringing only his hook shot, sword, sheild, bow and arrows and his now empty bomb bag. The rest was still back at home, in his two story house in Kakiriko Village.
There were no stairs to reach the top of Din's throne, no conveniant foot path, just a climb up the shear face of the mountain. He had hoped his trusty hook shot would have made the travel easier, but no such luck. He had not seen anything that would count as a potential target. Nothing but rock. He had had to do it the old fashioned way, foothold after foothold, with nothing seperating him from an immeniant death should his grip slip but his own quick skills.